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With this app, you can eliminate the worry of "guerrilla heavy rain" and "thunderstorm" at once!
(“Amagumo” is an expression of rain clouds in Japan.)

"It rained a while ago, but suddenly heavy rain started." This kind of phenomenon often occurs in summer in Japan. In Japan, this kind of sudden heavy rain is called "guerrilla heavy rain (Gerira gōu)."
Accurate forecasts are difficult and cannot be known in advance from the weather forecast.

In this "3D Amagumo Weather" application, the clouds observed by the world's most advanced "phased array weather radar" are displayed in 3D.
This "Phased Array Meteorological Radar" is a radar that can respond to the observation of rapidly developing cumulonimbus clouds that cause localized heavy rain and tornado, among other radars. In other words, you can quickly catch the "guerrilla heavy rain" from the omen!

"3D Amagumo Weather" displays not only rain clouds but also lightning in 3D. You can also check the intensity of rain with clouds and colors on the map. Therefore, you can check not only "guerrilla heavy rain" but also normal rain and typhoon thunderstorm.

"3D Amagumo Weather" is a free app. It catches the forerunner of "guerrilla heavy rain" that could not be predicted accurately until now, and notifies the danger in real time. Please use it for avoiding guerrilla heavy rain not only at music festivals and outdoor events but also at fireworks festivals, festivals, sports events, leisure, sales, etc.

◆ Features of this app

① "Free and the world's most advanced"
Experience the world's most advanced weather technology for free. * Japan patent pending, design right acquired

② "3D representation of rain clouds and guerrilla rain, a real sense of crisis"
Until now, 2D rain cloud radar has been the mainstream, but by seeing 3D rain cloud radar, it becomes easier to feel the development of rain clouds in a realistic manner, and it becomes a trigger for action to escape from heavy rain.

③ “For the first time in the world, 10 minutes before guerrilla heavy rain forecast”
By utilizing actual accurate weather observation data, it has become possible to predict difficult guerrilla rains from 10 minutes ago.

④ "Immediate notice of guerrilla heavy rain"
If you catch the danger of heavy rain, we will send you a PUSH notification immediately. In the past four years of proof experiments, the success rate was 80% or more.

⑤ "Forecasts up to 15 hours ahead"
In addition to the past and present, you can now view forecasts up to 15 hours ahead for free and without registration! (Ground echo only)

By utilizing the world's most advanced "phased array weather radar," the observation time of "rain clouds that cause heavy rain on guerrillas" can be reduced from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. This is the first case in Japan. Not only guerrilla heavy rain, but also heavy rainfall caused by typhoons can be observed, which is a useful technology for future disaster prevention and mitigation.

◆ Precautions when using the app
1. Since it has the world's most advanced technology, we recommend using iOS 10.0 or later.
2. The data usage range of the phased array weather radar is limited to a part of the Kanto and Kansai areas. Other regions use conventional radar data.


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