3D Chess: NOCCA NOCCA 4+

Online Board Game in 5 Minutes

Curiouspark, Inc.


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3D Chess In 5 Minutes! Never stop playing it!
NOCCA NOCCA is ultimately a simple but deep board game.


■ Play online against players from all over the country!

Play against players from all over the country to raise your rating.
When you reach a certain rate, you can get a grade.

■ You can play with arranged rules!

Obstacle dices appear on the board!?
The board is now a 6x7 board!?
Play NOCCA NOCCA with different rules than usual!

■ Room match with friends!

Create a room and play against your friends!
Of course, you can also customize the rules in room matches.

■ Review the match on replays!

NOCCA NOCCA often loses by even one wrong move.
Review your game and improve your skills!

■ Play against the AI!

You want to practice by yourself before playing online.
Added a new practice mode for the AI!

■ Watch Mode

Watch the matches in progress.


■ Objective

If any of your dices break into your opponent's goal, you win.
If the opponent has no dice to move, you win at that point. This way called Perfect Game!

■ How to Move

The dices can be moved one square in 8 directions.
The 1~3 levels can be placed freely.
You can ride either yours' and opponents'.
You can only move the topmost dice.

[Future Updates]
■ Challenge Mode
Compete against strong AI and compete in the ranking by the resultant score.

■ Achievement
You can get a title when you achieve certain conditions. Players can show these titles to each other.

■ Decoration
Background, Frame, BGM, etc. can be changed.

■ Create rules
Allows players to create and publish their own rules.

■ Online Competitions
The online competition will be held.

[Other inquiries]
Twitter We use our NOCCA NOCCA account @undanoga to keep up to date on the game. Be sure to follow us!

If you have any requests about the game, please use the following form

- DM to Twitter @undanoga
- Email contact@curiouspark.com


バージョン 1.0.4

We have been regularly updating NOCCA NOCCA so that all players can play for longer. This time, we have added the following updates

- Season4 starts!

Please continue to enjoy the NOCCA NOCCA!
We also post information about the application on Twitter. Please follow us on Twitter! @BoardGameSquare




fartso jetson

Crashes, more options for practice needed

Don’t download. Just giving them ad revenue since they haven’t updated in over a year and in it’s current state isn’t worth paying to remove ads.

Persistent crash problems. AI ignores a runaway piece often even though it could stop it.

In practice mode: should have <undo move>, an option for 6x6 board or other setups, and a tutorial..

There are no active players as of now as far as I can tell.


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