A 3D tic tac toe player a cut above the rest.

Learn to play against the best 4x4x4 algorithms on the app store, and then use your skills to compete online in timed matchups! Come join the best community for 3D tic tac toe!

Coming soon: Accounts, rankings, hosting games with friends online, saved boards, game history, and more! Be sure not to miss it when it comes!

What’s New

Version 2.0

• Timed online matches
• 10 levels of training games
• New menu screen
• Better disconnect handling (you can leave while playing and not get kicked)
• Swiping re-enabled on iOS 13
• Better online matchup handling

Ratings and Reviews

5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

djskxogpf ,

This is amazing!

One of the coolest games I have ever played, the strategy and game structure is one of the coolest Ive seen.


4Play... A Dimensional Transformation of a Classic Game

Eloquent, innovative, and mature.

The three word that best describe the features, the characteristics, the layout, the graphical user interface with 4Play by XNO, all for a game that one may not initially be thought would be geared towards everyone... Tic-Tac-Toe. One may think of that its development would be just for only the young, as all of us are exposed to tic-tac-toe as early elementary school (thus not mature sounding). This, however, is a game geared at everyone who simply wants to challenge the mind to think different, and differently. If this sounds like you for wanted more of a thinkers puzzle game, 4Play is yours to download!

The overall look structure of 4D tic-tac-toe may be challenging and maybe worrisome to the potential downloader as something complex for understanding and fully grasping. However, it really isn't though! Simply, it really In a more abstract and separately, itself can be looked at the two dimensional eye or the three dimensional eye, with the 2D form in a grid form, whereas this also has a height for the third important dimension. Therefore, think of a box, defined with a length, a width, and a height. Here, you have three of these (just its own grid dimensions define it with four dimensions, more later), but the structure generated is still a three-dimensional structure.

Even simpler, it is your traditional 2D tic-tac-toe game with two simple adjustments: 1) one extra row and column making a 4 row and 4 column “grid” (or in mathematical terms, a matrix), but 2) adding this one grid times four (so quantity 4). Four row-by-four columns and four combined together makes cube four rows out and four columns wide. Why 4D rather than 3D? 4D because each grid is a 4 row and 4 column (4x4 , 4-by-4) and four grids combined together to create a four rows defined by four columns, making each one of these separate grids with dimensions of 4-by-4. In comparison, a 3D would be 3 row and 3 column grid with three combined together. This is different from the actual resulting structure dimension, as that is simply defining the structure. The structure of length is 4D because of the four rows and columns that make it up. In closing, the overall structure is 3-dimensional like a box, but the dimensions that make up these are 4-dimensional. But not important to play the game!

What is important is to understand how to win! Even though there are many combinations that can be done to win 4D tic-tac-toe, essentially the concept of finding a way to win with the moves generated at hand creates this one simple goal… the basic skeletal backdrop for understanding 4Play (4D Tic-Tac-Toe) move is this simple: create a combination of wins in one set of rows and columns or a combination of all four (a spread through one grid to all four), generating a checkmate as you win (checkmate, like chess, is the position where multiple places are where the one opponent can win, and the other is at a loss). That sole goal is your concrete foundation and the inner frame of your building of knowledge leads your road of understanding to this single goal.

With its own general charisma, simplicity, but structural maturity, 4Play has all of this, and as an avid user and fan myself, this does four dimensional tic-tac-toe justice. This sets apart other developers versions, and those of the past (see Atari's version from their 2600!) with an intuitive board: Offline Training up from level 0-9 of difficulty to improve your skills, the ability to play with other opponents from close or afar (as I do for afar with my good friend), a Daily Challenge where it keeps you on your toes such as starting you in the middle of a game, say.

Additionally, a major update has just arrived, which one can conclude that more has to follow. As it has dramatically improved from its initial release (with the new features I named above), one wonders the next dramatic steps are next for 4Play, and even XNO. My personal belief is it could only get better!

It is a game that has regained for me a new kind of fun, but at the same time, gave me a great friend. For how great 4Play makes the experience for its own appearance by how well it is developed and my reasons I gave from the prior sentence, a grand recommendation from me here for simply even trying it should be on everyones list.

Therefore, I recommend everyone a try for such a greatly developed game! It deserves all the support it can get!

Give it a go!


3.3 MB

Requires iOS 12.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating


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