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•El juego de billar número uno del mundo!•

¡Juega con tus amigos! Compite con las grandes leyendas. ¡Diviértete jugando a 8 Ball Pool de Miniclip en tu móvil y llega a lo más alto!


Entrena para mejorar tus habilidades, domina el mundo en partidas 1 contra 1 ¡o participa en torneos para ganar trofeos y tacos exclusivos!


¡Personaliza el taco y la mesa! En todas las partidas 1 contra 1 habrá monedas Pool en juego: gana la partida y las monedas serán tuyas. Úsalas para acceder a partidas de mayor nivel, con apuestas mayores, o adquiere objetos nuevos en la tienda Pool.


Jugar con tus amigos es muy sencillo: inicia sesión con tu cuenta de Miniclip o Facebook y podrás enfrentarte a ellos directamente desde el juego. Reta a tus amigos en cualquier momento o lugar y demuéstrales lo que sabes hacer.


El sistema de niveles de 8 Ball Pool te garantiza que todas las partidas supondrán un reto. Juega para subir de rango y acceder a zonas de juego más exclusivas, en las que podrás enfrentarte a los mejores jugadores de Pool.

Membresía profesional

- 8 Ball Pool ofrece suscripciones semanales y mensuales por 7,99 USD $ y 19,99 USD $ respectivamente. Los precios pueden variar en función de las ofertas, los impuestos y los países.
- Los pagos se cargarán a la cuenta de iTunes tras confirmar la compra.
- Las suscripciones se renovarán automáticamente a no ser que la opción de renovación automática se haya desactivado al menos 24 horas antes de que termine el último ciclo pagado.
- Se realizará un cargo en la cuenta para renovar la suscripción en las 24 horas que precedan al último ciclo pagado.
- Tras realizar una compra, se pueden gestionar las suscripciones entrando en los ajustes de la cuenta para desactivar la renovación automática.
- Si se ofrece un periodo de prueba gratuito, cualquier parte del mismo que quede se perderá cuando el usuario adquiera una suscripción a un producto publicado, siempre que esta opción se aplique.

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--¡Descarga Pool de Miniclip AHORA!--
*Este juego necesita una conexión a internet.

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Este juego necesita una conexión a internet


Versión 4.5.2

¡Los clubs ahora son mejores! Nuevas sugerencias de clubs mejoradas: ¡encuentra el grupo apropiado para ti!
¡Descubre los nuevos y mejores regalos que puedes enviar a tus amigos de club!

¡Exprésate en las partidas con emojis!
¡Di hola o distrae a tu oponente de la partida con un nuevo conjunto de emojis GRATUITOS!

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
1.3 M valoraciones

1.3 M valoraciones

Backspinforce ,


I have played this game for years. If you take your time and play the games based on coins within your means it is fun. Nobody likes to lose but is addictive. With 8 & 9 ball and then tournaments, play different ones when you have made bad shots and lost or want to extend your fun. I do get mad at times like everyone else but if you are playing low coin games you can have lots of fun and then can add your messages to create more stress so if it good luck or trash talk all goes both ways back and forth. You get free coins every day and can watch videos for more too. Like any other game when you get mad or bored give it a break for a couple days and come back to it. I have played this game for fun when traveling or at a doctors office waiting and connection is important but at home you can play friends and message each other in the game which makes it more fun. I switch among 8&9 ball and tournaments with different coin values and even though I do lose when I thought I wasn’t it still give new life when you lost and then you finally win again. Probably one of my overall favorite apps too so give it a try for a while if you like pool!

A\D ,

Cue battery

I understand the concept of having people constantly play this game. Send your coins to recharge your cues, that way people would keep playing. I get that, but at the same time, what if you would happen to lose all your coins in a game and all your cues are low on battery. I feel as if they should at least charge over night or to start to charge if you haven’t played the game in a couple of hours. Because having to constantly pay 567, 715 coins or higher to use your favorite cue starts to add up. Could you possibly make the battery for the cue 100? Or when you update the cue the battery life updates as well? Just a thought. Also another concern I have, when I go to the “get more coins” section I would click on something to do a survey, basically a complete an action type of thing but it seems to be a never ending cycle of doing random things, asking questions but I pretty much never get any coins out of it. It says “complete an action” not complete actions. And it shouldn’t be where every single thing ask for your information. This is how people get their information stolen, I don’t feel as if most of these sites are safe. I love the game don’t get me wrong, out of all the apps I’ve ever had this is the only one I never gotten bored with. I’ve played for a couple of years now, off and on. Hopefully you guys will take my review in consideration to make the game that much better.

Jessica belv ,

Would be a awesome game if it wasn’t rigged

I’ve been playing this game for a few months, have worked my way up to level 67 and earned over 4 million in coins, however, it has been increasingly frustrating. I made the mistake of buying one of the deals they were running for $1.99 & since then I’m placed against bots or people that are double my level. One day I played at least 20 games & won ONLY one game all day, that’s completely out of the norm. That was right after I paid for the deal they were running. I’m not a bad player, win about half the time. Also my “connection” started failing right before I was about to pot the 8 ball or right after, then when it would come back to the game screen, my time would be up and the shot I made or the shot I was about to make would be lost, & of course id loose the game. This happens frequently to me now. Also just lost a million in coins by accidentally clicking on Shanghai as that’s where the game puts me because that’s the last one I could afford, & no way to back out and obviously I lost. I’m getting super irritated with the game, they should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. I will never spend another dime on this game, if stuff doesn’t change, I’m just gonna delete it. Don’t make the mistake of buying any of the deals or really any thing they sell at all, because instead of valuing you as a customer, they will take advantage of the fact you did spend money, & rob you to try to get you to spend more. It’s disgusting.


Miniclip SA
146.5 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Coreano, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Portugués, Ruso, Turco

Clasificado 4+
© 2013 Miniclip SA
Compras dentro de la app
  1. Montón de monedas $1.99
  2. Pila de monedas $4.99
  3. Cartera llena de monedas $9.99


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