8 Bit Kid - Run and Jump 9+

Old School 8 bit platformer‪!‬

Volkan Kutlubay

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8 Bit Kid is an old school 8bit platformer game with many surprises on the way!

Long story short: Your brother is kidnapped so go and rescue him! No big deal!

Game Features

-8 bit old school gaming

-Total of 50 challenging levels

-Fun and surprising puzzles to solve

-Relaxing platform game music to play to

-Super 8 bit stye pixel art

-Easy to learn but difficult to master

Game Controls

Left and Right Arrow. Buttons to move around.

Up Arrow Button is for Jumping up

Knife Button is for throwing knives


Sürüm 1.0.6

Updated the website info and privacy policy.

Oylar ve Yorumlar

161 Oy

161 Oy

shine4362 ,

Very Cool Retro Style Game!👍

I'm probably going to give away my age here but what the heck. This game is awesome, it reminds me of my teen years when playing 8-bit games we're rather new.. LoL
This game is more challenging though... and note to the Dev(s); Ya did good! Hoping to see more levels in the future. Well done!👍

~Shine~ from, WA State 😊

PS.. I see a couple of snarky remarks already which I find to be unfair, this game is only a preview which the Dev clearly states. Much support from this gal, finally a retro game that is both fun and challenging. This is merely a fun sneak peek and I can't wait until this 8-bit game is fully launched! ~Shine~

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Hi! Thank you so much for your honest and posititive review! I really do appreciate and yes this is just a sneak preview of what more to come! I am glad you enjoyed the game which I also enjoyed while making! Happy gaming and long live retro!

Diray Acosta ,

Good job 😄❤️

Loved going through the game and just play a nice retro style game. Lots of fun and I recommend playing it :)

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Thank you so much for your good wishes for my game! Happy to hear you enjoyed my retro style platformer.

Snooptalian ,


Fun game. I have had many times where the controls stop working though. You’ll press jump and the character won’t jump, or press left/right and he doesn’t move. Still a very fun game that hopefully gets supported with more content later on...

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Hi! So happy to hear that you liked the game. The game had some collision issues and it had been fixed in the latest update. But since as a player you found new bugs in the game, they will also be checked and fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Other than that happy gaming.

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