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- 体验独特的操作方式,在Abi和DD两个小伙伴中切换
- 领略独特的废土末世景色,每一帧都是精美插画
- 德国音乐大师作曲,深入沉浸在这纯粹的机械世界
- 解开一段感人又发人深省的谜团
- 经历一次震撼又温暖人心的末日之旅



版本 1.0.6

Big Indie Pitch亚洲冠军之作。


3.8(满分 5 分)
166 个评分

166 个评分

Eddie S.

Great game, could be better though

I really loved the style of gameplay and reminded me very much of ‘Broken Age’ but there would be a few things I would change

I wish that the dialogue didn’t continue until you tapped the screen, sometimes I couldn’t read fast enough and others it was very slow and I was ready to move on already

I wish there was a ‘run’ mode in which if you double tapped a spot the characters would/ get there faster. Even if the walk mode was slower then the current mode it would make it seem faster when having more then one option

*SPOILERS*I wish we could have rescued the box robot from the lab along with the the brain. I had Abi carry the brain and DD carry the robot but only the brain made it out for some reason *END OF SPOILERS*

And finally I wish the game was a little longer. It’s good that certain games leave you wondering what will happen next and wanting more, but the ending was very unsatisfying to me, and I wish it was longer, or maybe a second game to continue it.

Other then these small things I loved the game a lot! The art style was beautiful, the animation was clean, and the storyline was easy to follow. Well done!


Hi there, thanks for your valuable suggestion, we will record it to our devs and keep optimizing the gaming experience, we will bring back a better episode in the future. And if you have any suggestion about our story, please contact us via our Email (service@lilithgames.com), have fun:)

Rarely happens I do this.

To short

I bought it and I rarely buy things because I want something worth my money great story but it is way to short if you need ideas I have some (they enter metropolis then find no one but bots they explore three buildings all to find the zoo where the bird is then they look for a growing camber to grow Jamie’s body back then the collector strikes again this time trapping them in a maze after figuring out a pipe puzzle they escape into a cyro chamber (empty) where they have to free the system from the computer virus then they travel across a swamp giving food to robot crocs to pass by and Jamie with his new body finds a laboratory and trying to bring their friends back they only succeeded in bringing the child back then they build a home and rebuild the garden the collector finds them again but after a puzzle to get into the basement they find the collector gets collected and torn apart by a robot snake who then leaves and after finally freeing the parents and finish building the home it becomes a place for robots to get repairs and the story ends there. (Possibility traveling through ice jungle ocean and herds of robot animals along the way))


I really want to give it 5 stars but the arcade stuff is awful

Gorgeous, cute story. Fun puzzles. But stop trying to be a puzzle and arcade game in one. The scenes running from the monster dying are not what a puzzle story is about. It’s super annoying. All the timed scenes are not fun. Plus the game is SOOOO slow! You can’t make the characters go any quicker so you are constantly having to go back and forth at a snails pace. I finally deleted it after getting too annoyed after the monster and it’s plethora of scenes you have to “try again”.

Don’t get me wrong the game is adorable. The graphics alone should have earned it 5 stars but I just couldn’t give it because of the slow movements and multiple unnecessary death scenes. Would love a “skip” option for those parts, then I would redownload and finish it. Otherwise it’s a waste of my time.


OMG!Thank for you great suggestion and l will let the team know it!
Thank you very much:)

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