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A strategy game whose objective is to conquer the board with the majority of discs of your colour.

Place your discs with their colour facing up surrounding your opponent’s discs.

When your opponent’s discs are trapped ( or outflanked ) between your coloured discs they turn upside-down and change colour.

The winner is the player who has more discs of his/her color than his/her opponent at the end of the game.

Play with the championship rules or in a simplified mode.

3 levels of difficulty are included to play against your Apple mobile device.

Learn how to play with the tutorial.

Play with your friends in Game Center.


The different squares of the board are assigned letters from A to H for the columns, and numbers from 1 to 8 for the rows.

Each player is assigned a colour.

The game begins with four discs of each color placed on a diagonal in the middle of the board.

Players must make valid moves on their turn. However, if you cannot make your move on your turn, you will lose it and your opponent moves again.

We refer to a legal move in ‘championship mode’ when the player places a disc outflanking one or more discs of the opposite color. As a result, those discs flip to your color.

We refer to a legal move in ‘simplified mode’ when the player places a disc in a square contiguous to another one containing a disc, with the possibility of not having to flip the opponent’s discs to consider this move valid.

By making a valid move the discs which have been outflanked by a disc of an opposite color are flipped. We say that those discs lying on a straight line ( vertical, horizontal or diagonal ) are outflanked when they are enclosed by two of the opposite-colored disks.

The match ends when no more legal moves are possible ( usually when the board is completely filled ), so that the player who has more discs of his/her color is the winner.

This application is compatible with VOICEOVER for iOS.
This application is compatible with ZOOM for iOS.
Deaf and hear impaired people can play this game.
This application does not require user registration or any additional payments.
iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatibility.

Spanish and English languages supported.

*** Disclaimer ***

This application uses Game Center services which are created by Apple.
Game center services have their own user interface. Apple is responsible of these user interfaces.
Tyflos Accessible Software is not responsible for the design and the proper functioning of the Game Center service.
Please, contact Apple if you find any accessibility or functioning problem about Game Center.


Versión 2.0

Game Center support, new graphics for the board and more bug fixes

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3,3 de 5
4 valoraciones

4 valoraciones

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