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版本 2.3.9



2.4(满分 5 分)
48 个评分

48 个评分


Just setting up

I have 2 children. I can’t see if there is a way to add more than 1 watch.


App and watch work great but..

So I got this watch for my seven-year-old daughter, the watch works great it allows her to text only me through the app. it allows her to have up to 15 people that she can call with my approval through the app. I’m able to snap photos of where she’s at. All updates from the app are sent to her watch with no problems. The instructions I got with the watch were so so helpful and clear instructions. The only down fall about the app is that the gps coordinates aren’t 100% accurate, but not like it’s showing her in another state. It’s only shown her a few miles from our house. In which I’m not to concerned because I know where she’s at at all times. But 99% of the time the gps works fine.


It’s good- works better than others

Would love text options (not just voice), would love the pedometer function to show on watch not just in phone app. Would love to text from phone to watch, not just through app.

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