The next generation of hardcore gaming has arrived. With endless hero and weapon choices, insane attack combinations, and console quality graphics, Aion: Legions of War delivers the ultimate gaming revolution on your mobile device.

Embark on a journey to unravel the secrets that lay within a war torn Aion universe, and immerse yourself in a story of discovery, vengeance and redemption as it unfolds across stunning cinematics in the palm of your hand. Amass powerful heroes and lead your Legion to battle for glory against players around the globe in Aion: Legions of War!

• Join a guild to take part in Aion's first co-op feature
• Work with your Guildmates to defeat Rift before the time runs out!

Build the Ultimate Legion
•100+ heroes to discover and collect - armored warriors, fearsome beasts, colossal cyborgs, and many more
• Assemble different hero combos to build an invincible Legion that can conquer any enemy

Limitless Attack Combinations, Endless Strategy
• Amass powerful tanks, devastating damage dealers and protective healers from your Legion and dominate your enemies with ingenious strategies
• With millions of possible combinations at your disposal, utilize them to time your special attacks and counter any enemy onslaughts

Dynamic Hero Progression & Infinite Customization
• Harness the power of Awakening to unleash impressive hero transformations and hidden abilities, build teams based on affinity to gain the advantage
• Enhance your heroes with a plethora of equipments, such as legendary weapons, armor and accessories, to create undefeatable champions

Conquer Guild Labyrinths for Eternal Glory
• Explore and conquer guild labyrinths in search of treasure, rare resources, and epic prizes
• Dominate and defeat the Rift Boss with your Guild Members in an epic co-op matchup

Astonishing High-Quality Visuals
• Console-quality graphics like never before on mobile
• Explore a whole new world of stunning in-game graphics, fully rendered cutscenes, and spectacular heroes

A New Generation of Aion
• The megahit PC MMORPG Aion franchise has been fully reimagined for mobile
• Mobile exclusive story - Encounter an original story where an ominous villain threatens the delicate balance between two warring races, Elysea and Asmodae


版本 0.808.1200

Added new synthesis hero.
Resolved some performance issues occurring in Arena
Many additional bug fixes through out the game.

For complete detailed changes and bug fix list please check the forums.


4.3(滿分 5 分)
2,093 則評分

2,093 則評分


A whole lot packed into one game

Wanted to try something outside of Summoners War and saw this in an ad. Glad I downloaded it. Takes a little getting used to and it does require user customization (the amount of things on screen can be very congested). Once you get going, the storyline is intriguing and definitely gives you the rpg feel. You do have to plan a lot and it isn’t just equip and go. But the nice thing is they have a lot of f2p love. Gems drop a good bit and energy is ubiquitous. Good however is low so saving up for things is key. I like the different classes and there is capability of taken lower star heroes and making them very powerful (you’ll get a lot of food to grow them as well). The graphics are superb and as of writing this, the glitches are almost non appearant (60fps makes units in pvp look like statues being pushed on a board). The auto features are nice as well. You can customize which auto features before play and still take control while they are running without interruption. I also like that quests give you a free nat 5 which is very useful early to mid game ( that’s as far as I am after a month)
All that being said, this game has a lot to offer and can keep you playing for hours.


Requires focus and dedication

Everyone hating on this game is misplaced. Sure, it has auto features (which I enjoy for leveling up), but when you turn off auto and have to pay attention to your team comp and their abilities, the game really gets interesting. Game starts off very easy but becomes a lot more challenging the more you invest. Most people leaving bad reviews haven’t given this game a chance and is writing it off as a lose or a p2w, which is in fact not true at all. You evolve and enhance your characters as you play. Sure, money can be spent to acquire summons, which gives you a chance of summoning a strong Hero(Which cost ALOT of money. Mainly due to keep people from having to pay), but the chances are very slim. The game forces you to play and level your characters and evolve them into a strong formation team. Not to mention all the elements available per Hero. The game mechanics aren’t for the faint of heart and will have you highly frustrated at times, because you can’t seem to advance any further. Know your Hero’s abilities and know when to use them. Learn the elements and what will make your team achieve victory. The game is very well done and I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. NCSOFT nailed this game. Most people are simple minded and don’t invest enough time before they leave a review. Play this game for a minimum of one month and then tell me your thoughts. Happy gaming and good luck.

Maeling 5

PC to Mobile delight

I’ve played the PC version from 2009 to 2015 and was happy to see that Aion finally released its game to the mobile markets. The game does crash in certain adventure areas in Normal and Hard modes and even though you send a ticket and take a screen shot, they don’t send you the reward. Sadness!!! I love the auto feature since I can watch and see who I need level up via blitz or put another toon in its place. I also use the auto feature while at work or on my commute to work which makes it very convenient. I do like the graphics and it’s what you expect from NCSoft. You need to add a Chanter since that’s a subclass you’re missing. Also, the energy fees limit you on how long you can play per day unless you spend real money to play all day and night on ones days off. Another feature I wish you had was to name your characters like in the PC version. Otherwise, great game and I hope you will fix the crashing problem and make it more entertaining for us playing.


NC Interactive, LLC
167.3 MB

系统要求:iOS 9.0 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone 5S、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 6S、iPhone 6S Plus、iPhone SE、iPhone 7、iPhone 7 Plus、iPhone 8、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone X、iPhone XS、iPhone XS Max、iPhone XR、iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11 Pro Max、iPad Air、iPad Air Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad mini 2、iPad mini 2 Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad Air 2、iPad Air 2 Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad mini 3、iPad mini 3 Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad mini 4、iPad mini 4 Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、12.9 英寸 iPad Pro、12.9 英寸 iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、9.7 英寸 iPad Pro、9.7 英寸 iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad(第五代)、iPad(第五代)Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、12.9 英寸 iPad Pro(第二代)、12.9 英寸 iPad Pro(第二代)Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、10.5 英寸 iPad Pro、10.5 英寸 iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad(第六代)、iPad Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络(第六代)、11 英寸 iPad Pro、11 英寸 iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、12.9 英寸 iPad Pro(第三代)、12.9 英寸 iPad Pro(第三代)Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad mini(第五代)、iPad mini(第五代)Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad Air(第三代)、iPad Air(第三代)Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPad(第七代)、iPad(第七代)Wi‑Fi + 蜂窝网络、iPod touch(第六代)、iPod touch(第七代)。



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