AirDroid Cast-screen mirroring Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
592 Ratings

592 Ratings

f Fed dddfci ,

If you ever want to stream from your phone

It’s pretty easy for me to screen share and have all my overlays and music playing when streaming phone games or anything phone related unlike streaming straight to the platform….thank you and for anyone using iPhone it’s screen record for browser not screen share….idk how to make it mirror from the app only from sharing it to the browser.

Henry--Nguyen ,

The best of the best

I’ve tried with screen mirroring with so many different apps in the App Store. Most of them were either not working properly or have many false information. This app works right out of my first try and it works with wifi and internet to mirror my iPhone 13 Pro Max to Windows PC. Not only that, I can rotate my iPhone and the mirroring responses instantly. There is a rotate button on the PC app that I can independently rotate my iPhone. I need this feature because I was demonstrating an AR app on the iPhone, and I need to rotate the screen without rotating the actual iPhone. I needed this for my AR app. To the developers of this app. Please add keyboard shortcuts to quickly rotate the screen in addition to using the mouse. Thank you for creating this wonderful app. You deserve ten stars! Cheers

hahakdjmd ,

Free version doesn’t work, so “buy a subscription” 😂

Cool idea, didn’t work. Not even once. Only downloaded so I could have a wireless connect that wasn’t Apple AirPlay but it wouldn’t connect wirelessly over network. There was a promising alternative in “beta” that uses AirPlay through the app. Presumably this would prevent AirPlay from taking over the entire device. That was exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t even try it because it’s a premium. I’m not gonna pay to be part of your beta when the free version doesn’t even work. Inevitably, the only available option was wired, which I could literally do with QuickTime so no point in keeping the app. Would have been cool if it worked before asking me to pay for it.

Marie Antoinette and Duo ,

Saved Time And Money

I needed a way to cast from my iPad to my wide screen monitor. I spent a couple hundred on various cords and several months trying to make it work but my iPad was too old. My tutor told me about this app. I thought it was too good to be true, but after three tries I figured it out and it is fantastic. Once I figure out it’s other capabilities I would be willing to do the in app purchase because it is so worth it.

GamergurlLOL ,

Little laggy, but pretty great!

I used this app between my broken iPhone 11 and my new iPhone 14 pro max so I could use an app no longer on the Apple Store. It was pretty awesome! It didn’t make either phones hot, glitchy, or anything. It was close to immediate movement on the relay, which was nice. At most a 5 second delay, but usually half a second was the norm. Definitely recommend!!!!

alreadydeadFTC ,

iPhone to Chromebook

Airdroid Cast is ok, it could be a little easier to mirror or link devices and when mirroring the screen of my iPhone to Chromebook the picture quality was perfect until running a game or opening pictures then it takes a few seconds for the Chromebook screen to become completely clear.

BR1mST0N3 ,

Absolutely did NOT work

I have an iPhone 11, and a PC that doesn’t have Bluetooth (bought in 2011 so it’s definitely not new). I have the latest OS on both. I followed the directions from the app’s main website to screencast via their website, and thought everything was going well until the final step (where the PC mirrors your phone): time-out error.

It never worked. I’ve sent emails and talked to their tech service but absolutely zero change. App will not work.

I was told “try to use two different networks for your devices…” WHAT? Why? What’s the point in that? I simply want to stream movies from apps on my phone to the PC which doesn’t have these apps. OF COURSE I’m using the same WiFi for both devices, I don’t want to burn through my data on my cell plan just to use a bigger screen.

Makes ZERO sense. Fix your app. It doesn’t work

boyntonss ,


I used this for my telescope to mirrior from my phone to my chrome book and it worked great! One thing that would make this a better app would be to be able to interact with the screen you are mirroring on the device that is receiving the mirrior. Other than that it’s great!

PoisonPower ,

Great with discord!

I was playing battle cats with my friend on discord (more like talking and playing) and we were just watching me do battle cats. It was a great experience! I don’t see why people shouldn’t get this. Your fire wall will prop say it blocked some features but let it get access it your computer or it wont work. IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES!!!


Great ‘free’ product!!!

I needed to be able to display my mobile device to my pc so that I could actually ‘show’ a family member what they needed to do on their mobile. Used this with MS Teams and shared my screen.

Had to do this a couple of times with them, so thank you for this App!!!!