The app is an overview of all the Amarone wines that have been produced for the last 10-15 years.
There are now 867 wines and it is being updated continuously.
On all the wines there are pictures and information about the wine and the producer.

The wines are listed in alphabetical order by the producer or the name of the wine, and you can change the setting with the icon in the right corner.

You can also use the search box.

On some of the wines, there is more than one image, you can scroll the page and the next picture will come.

It can sometimes be challenging to find the manufacturer to an Amarone. There are about 350 registered producers, and some are smaller wineries producing one Amarone. They have the winery name on the label.

The large and medium-sized wineries can produce several different Amarone, some with the name of the winery/vineyard on the label others with a different name.

The cantinas typically buy all their grapes from the small wine growers, and they produce and sell the wine, often with different labels.

The cooperative do like the cantina, but they can also keep the vineyards separate from each other in the production, and have wine with the name of the vineyard on the label. They may even agree to be responsible for the production of wine for a winery.
There are also sales companies that buy wine, and comes in a bottle and puts a label on and sells.

The description says in which of the areas the wine is produced.
Classico, Valpantena, East and Quinzano. Quinzano is the area between Classico and Valpantena.


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59 vurderinger

Michaela Bergman ,

Library of knowledge and reviews

I just used this app at a tasting last night. I am highly impressed by the plethora of knowledge about a wine you just took a picture of with a phone app. It helped me understand what I was tasting much better, it helped me make better purchasing decisions based on price. Overall a great useful tool to take to battle as your mind becomes more lucid as a tasting goes on.

Svar fra udvikler ,

Thank you for the fine review.

Katrin Fruehauf ,

So Easy To Use

Love this app - it has taught me a lot about Amarone wine. I've become kind of annoying. If you're looking to learn stuff, it's great for that. It's even better for keeping track of your ratings and what you like and don't like. I can't tell you how many times I have checked my previous ratings to see if I liked a wine or not.

Svar fra udvikler ,

I'm really glad you can use !!

Clara Isaksson ,

Nice way to choose and remember remarkable wines

Use it for a long time already and enjoy the opportunity to share my opinion with others and to remember which wine I loved and why.

Svar fra udvikler ,

Thank you for the review. Before, I used a notebook to remember the various Amarone wines.


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