AMD Link is a powerful mobile, and smart TV app built to complement AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition. Sporting a brand new modern user interface, AMD Link brings Radeon™ Gaming to phones, tablets and smart TVs and conveniently allows you to access gameplay performance metrics and PC system information. You can easily connect to your PC either by a PIN in Radeon™ Software or manually entering the required info. It is an extremely powerful tool designed with today’s socially connected, mobile-first world in mind - and with the gamer at its center. New in this version is the ability to connect to your PC via an Internet connection, allowing you to take your gaming on the go!

The mobile App dashboard includes five main sections:
• The Home section contains information about recently streamed games, recent media and images you can click on to learn more about AMD or AMD partner products
• Gaming: Launch your PC games and stream them to your mobile device, customize your controllers, or even use it as a Remote Desktop solution for your Windows desktop. See and preview your media gallery photos and videos, trim them and save them to your device.
• Streaming: Allows one-touch capture, instant replay and instant GIF of your gameplay, and to stream your game to popular streaming platforms.
• Performance: Brings the power of Radeon™ WattMan to your mobile device and enables you to monitor and track gaming performance and system info of your PC through easy-to-understand bar graphs.
* Settings: All the app settings in once convenient place to change every aspect of the app
• Voice Recognition: Tap on the microphone icon to control several aspects of AMD Link with a simple voice command

The TV App dashboard includes three main sections:
• Connect section: connect to your PC quickly and easily to get AMD Link for your Smart TV started
• Gaming section: Launch your PC games and stream them to your Smart TV, or view recent media
• Media section: playback gameplay moments saved on your PC

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Wersja 3.0.201105

- General bug fixes

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3.0 z 5
Ocen: 208

Ocen: 208

tuneps ,

Great app but needs some work.

I like the idea of this app but it is quite clunky in its current state.

I wish the icons on the bottom of the screen wouldn’t move around each time you select a different tab.

I would like the ability to setup more advanced controller interfaces for streaming games. I played GTA V using streaming and could not find an onscreen controller layout that would work with driving cars or shooting. I feel this could be fixed by taking inspiration from the controls on PUBG mobile which allows you to shoot and move your character & camera at the same time.

raviollimaster420 ,

Needs some basic features

Navigating in this app is a pain, there is no back button so you have to close out the app and reopen it to get to the previous screen. The fact that this app disables peripherals is disappointing, iOS devices don’t support Xbox one controllers but my pc does via Bluetooth leaving me stuck with the clunky on screen controls. I understand that this app is to distance you from your pc but by disabling controllers connected to it, the app is ruining its appeal.

smugdrip ,

Great Start

This app has been awesome so far.

It just needs a few little tweaks.

1.) While switching between tabs on the main menu I’ll get stuck loading the News Feed. It makes navigating choppy and somewhat aggravating. Just add a refresh feature instead of making me wait every time I swipe past.

2.) I love how I can record and take screen shots from my phone. But I hate how I can’t or at least don’t know how to access these photos and videos on my phone. It would be great if I had the option to save it to my camera roll.

3.) You also could add CPU and GPU temperatures in the stats page.

4.) Add something that shows my PCs specs and make it available even when I’m not connected to the PC

Please take this into your consideration!

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