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Bahra Ibrahim

مصمم لـ iPad

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Copy file URL to the app to download the file then you can:
Copy, paste, rename, delete, and move files using the built-in file manager interface

**HTTP File Sharing**

HTTP File Sharing, Upload & Download.

Supported File Formats
- Plain Text Files
- Zip and Rar files

- Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, ...)
- iWorks (Pages, numbers, and Keynote)

- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
- RTF (Rich Text Format)
- PDF Documents

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الإصدار 1.7

حل مشكلة مشاركة الملفات عبر الواي فاي

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١٫٨ ألف من التقييمات

blahblah stop teasing me ،

I give it 4 stars for now

I like the app I can download any episodes I want without any issues + high quality, but I would appreciate it more if you make an update that allows you to download the whole season or downloads new episodes as soon as they are uploaded that would be better and thank u much love.

Faisal Algethmi ،

3 stars for now until …..

The app is pretty good so far, but has issues for example I can not delete something even after fully downloading it (using iPad but the way) it does not let me delete anything for some reason. And also when I tried to make a file it clearly says tap on edit to add icons (Episodes) but when I do it it won’t let me so I have to figure that out by slide the icon to the left and press copy then I can paste the file which the app does not say at all Unfortunately. Hopefully you can fix this problem and thank you for the app.

JakOne1 ،

Needs improvements

I really like this app, but there are some problems that I’m facing,and looking for other reviews, it seems other people are facing the same problems.
First, whenever I click on a file that is still downloading the app crashes. I can’t delete file while they are downloading, I have to wait until they finish downloading then delete them. Sometimes the downloaded files disappear if it finished downloading while the app isn’t open.
Fix these problems so I could give you more stars.

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