Ant Wars Next (the sequel to the original Ant Wars from 2009) is a nice strategy game, where you command armies of ants on a battlefield.

Take out all of the hives by occupying the empty ones and attacking the others taken by your enemies. You gain score after completing a level. You can also collect stars and keys. The faster you complete, the fewer ants you loose, the more you get.

Key features:
* Unique and progressive gameplay
* 3+1 upgradable ant types
* 100 exciting levels


Verzió 1.0.1

Minor bug fixes

Értékelések és vélemények

4,6 / 5
133 értékelés

133 értékelés

bigbillybobjr. ,

Awesome game, I hope to see it get even better!

Just a fans suggestion for even more ant fun; using the same general concept as this game where you take hills from enemy colonies; allow the user to draw the path of their ant army line; allow ants to intercept and fight other ant columns in the open field; create and add stats for strength, health, and defense (or even specialized ant weapons such as jaws, stingers, wings, acid spit, etc to mimic real life ant diversity) this increase the engagement as users have more control of their ants evolution path for different strategies. You may have to lower the scope of ant speed, and population growth to allow players more time to make strategic decisions but it would change the game feel from a quick flash puzzle vibe to a more sophisticated strategic feel.

Niloc594 ,

Sick game

Love this game, I’ve played other games similar and different in their own ways, this game got me started on auralux 2 which has pretty much complete freedom of movement, but this game is a solid fun time passer

Ŀ⊙ᖆᐈ ѦɀՀⅈꌗꌗ ,

Love it!

I really love the new revamp! I really liked this game and would recommend to anyway! I encourage you to update your older games like bus derby, I still play old games even if they are dead!

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