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Any card at any number: a randomly selected spectator calls out "Six of Hearts," and another random spectator selects a number from 1 to 52, let's say 16, then the Magician counts down -- one card at a time from the top of the deck -- to card number 16 which is turned face up to reveal THEIR CARD, the Six of Hearts! In other words, anyone could have counted the cards to find their card at their location which is, in this example: the Six of Hearts at the Sixteenth Card Down from the Top!

A spectator selects a card using the app: first they tap a number from 1-13; then a suit (hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds), then they select the number down in the deck (1-52).

The spectator can download this app on their own device if you want to take it that far! If they have the app, they will not be able to figure out the method unless they study. If you study, you will learn how to present the best card magic in the world as if you had trained for years like a pro. This app actually turns an amateur into a pro. If you do not study, it is because you are planning an event where you want the best magic with cards because you know how powerful it is to witness these apparent miracles when you are in a group event (online or in person or both). So you are not studying because you want to be surprised at the event. You have delegated the card show to your card magician friend! Have fun!!!

The app tells you, the magician, the secret of which card must be at a specific spot in order for the magic to be real! All you must do is hold the device for a few seconds to get the secret. There are easy ways to accomplish this. Cutting the deck is usually required.

You will need the stack. Purchase the Steffan Soule mdeck stack and you won't have to figure out the stack yourself. Directions for each method of getting the stack (buy it now or do it yourself by reverse engineering) are at steffansoule.com/mdeck. When you buy the stack outright, you get instructions for Steffan Soule's Further Than Further Than That AND his total perfection Poker Demonstration (immediately following FTFTT with the same deck).

At the end of every successful performance, this app gives you a screen for a screenshot of "their card at their number," so you can use that screenshot to obtain their contact info because you can send them that memorial picture of their card at their number. You are sending them a picture of a miracle, and who wouldn't want to get that?!

In addition to Any Card at Any Number this deck will help you do the mind reading effects described in Steffan Soule's mdeck and also the FTFTT and the perfect Poker Demonstration. The effects you can do with this deck are beyond most any magic with cards, probably this is the pinnacle of card magic -- put to use. With these effects, you can present some of the best card magic ever.

And almost more important than the art is the fact that by practicing this art, especially this particular app and this specific routine with all 52 cards, we come to a more unified experience of working simultaneously with thinking, feeling and moving patterns which we use to train for the purpose of enhancing our presentations, but also for the purpose of enhancing our capacity to mentate consciously or to keep our attention for longer durations within our mind. This app is a mind enhancing tool for the attention and the discipline of conscious attention. This mDeck training helps the mind become more efficient, effective and reliable as an instrument of memory and insight.
This app relates 52 real, touchable "pasteboards" (an old name for playing cards) with your digital device which encourages combining the real physical world with the imaginary digital world.


A Touch of Magic, Inc.
48.6 MB

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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  1. Steffan Soule's Super mDeck2 $19.99
  2. Any Card At Any Number - mDeck $499.99
  3. mDeck3 $49.99


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