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Preschool educational games:
- 12 games to learn shapes, colors, numbers and sizes
- 30 different fruits and vegetables
- 15 puzzles
- 15 coloring pictures

Learn Fruits and Vegetables for kids is an educational game for children from 2 years old that helps them acquire new vocabulary and work on language comprehension. Our application has 12 educational games to encourage the learning of young children and toddlers. With these activities to learn fruits and vegetables for children, they will learn by playing shapes, colors, sizes, and numbers. This application includes funny fruit and vegetable puzzle game and coloring pictures. In all activities the order and position in which the elements appear are randomized to work cognitive flexibility in children.

Our fruit and vegetable learning app has 12 games:

Fruit and vegetable vocabulary: 30 words to learn fruits and vegetables. Two different activities, an interactive book that reproduces the name of each fruit when clicking on it, and another where the child is asked about a fruit to select from several images.

Matching games for toddlers : In this phase we work abstraction through association. The children will have to relate the drawing and its photograph.

Colors learning game: A train with wagons of colors that change color randomly. Children have to observe the train and discover what colors it brings each time to classify by colors.

Numbers games for kids: Boxes with numbers to sort different vegetables and fruits by quantity. The boxes are displayed in random order, ensuring the understanding of the concept of number and quantity.

Size learning game: Learn the sizes, small, medium, and big.

Shapes games for kids: game to learn shapes like circle, square and triangle. Children must identify the shape of the fruit and drag it to the corresponding shape.

coloring fruits and vegetables games for kids: 15 fruits for coloring in which the imitation of models is also worked.

funny vegetables puzzles: 15 images that show fun situations with vegetables and fruits puzzles to encourage children's imagination.

Applications to learn vegetables and fruits: educational games for preschoolers that help them understand language and acquire new vocabulary. 9 fruit and vegetable games for children in which they will hear words associated with images or drawings. Learning vegetables and fruits incorporates components that work abstraction through association and cognitive flexibility in children.

Learn vegetables and fruits for children 2 - 5 years old:
- fruits and vegetable vocabulary. The 30 most common vegetables and fruits
- Matching game for 3 years old
- Shapes and colors games for toddlers
- Size learning game
- Numbers game for toddlers
- Game to learn colors for 3 years old
- Fruits games coloring
- Fruits and vegetables puzzle for kids

Games for autism kids: learning fruits and vegetables for kids is a game adapted for everyone. Different configurable options (music, vocabulary level, hide buttons...). In Ilugon we try to adapt our applications to children with special needs, developing autism games for toddlers.

No advertising interruptions: Our vegetable and fruit games contain free activities that children can enjoy without advertising.

Learn other languages: the game is available in several languages to learn fruits and vegetables in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Ages: 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old pre-kindergarten and kindergarten for children and toddlers.


Versión 2.2.0

Three new games are added:
- Find the shadow: in this phase, abstraction is worked through the association of a drawing with its shadow. Children must be attentive to details to find the correct picture
- Follow the series: series of two elements in which the last one is missing. What's next?
- Memory: a fun game to stimulate visual memory.

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