AR-WAVE-visualization of WiFi 4+

To visualize WiFi/BLE/LTE



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Would you like to have the chance to see the world like you've never seen before?

AR-WAVE can be used to check the signal strength of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE of a carrier and display it on AR.

Works to create a better environment for home security, home speakers, routers and other network devices.

AR can be used to visualise the functions of loT devices and colour can be used distinguish the intensity.

[How to distinguish intensity by colour]

Green indicates strong reception.
Yellow indicates a medium level of reception.
Orange indicates weak reception.
Red indicates that there is no reception.

Signal strength can be measured efficiently in 1 seconds.

About Wi-Fi
LAN Standard Approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

About Bluetooth
Bluetooth is one of the short range wireless communication standards for digital devices.

Composed from Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Date Rate (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)

About LTE
Long Term Evolution, abbreviated as LTE, is a mobile phone communication standard.

[About paid version]

Free version, only measure the strength of Wi-Fi signal.
In addition, an advertisement is displayed at the bottom of the screen during measurement.
If you use other measurements (BLE, devices, volume), please consider the paid version.

● Paid version: AR-WAVE Pro

Monthly plan $4.49/ month
Annual plan $21.99 / year
One-time payment $31.99

If you subscribe to the paid version, no ads will be displayed and other measurements (BLE, each carrier, volume) will be possible. Currently, if you choose monthly plan or annual plan, you can use all the functions of AR-WAVE for free for one more extra week.
If you are interested, please try it.

● Restore when changing models
When you change the model, you can restore the previously purchased paid version for free. (Settings => Purchase Pro version => Restore)
Log in to iTunes on your iPhone / iPad with the same Apple ID as when you purchased.

● Confirmation and cancellation
Select the user icon at the top of the AppStore app—> Select a subscription—> Select an active AR-WAVE Pro—> From this screen you can check the next automatic update timing and cancel / set the subscription Will

●About automatic billing
If the automatic renewal is not canceled more than 24 hours before the next payment date, the contract period will be renewed automatically. Auto-renewal will be charged within 24 hours after the next payment date.

・ If you are charged within the app, you can not cancel by any other method
・ We do not accept cancellations for the current month.
・ You will be charged via your iTunes account.

● Terms of use

If you have any opinions or suggestions regarding the app, please feel free to contact us anytime.


バージョン 1.0.8

Thank you for always using AR-WAVE.
This app will be updated regularly.

Thank you for your continues support for AR-WAVE.





Good Start / Needs Features

Update Review/ Feature Request 1/5/20
I decided to go ahead and pay the One Time Pro Features $31.99 in the hope that it would show the actual WiFi Signal dBm Data and Router Latency ms Data on each bubble, or on the screen bar at the bottom.

But, it does not do please add the dBm and ms data to the WiFi as a feature request. It would make the App much more valuable and useful, than the current generic color coded bubbles.

Also, it would be nice if there was some way to contact support via email or phone. And also see a web site in English without having to use a Google Translator.

Previous Review from 10/31/19
The sample video shows the App displaying specific dBm data, but it does NOT currently show this information. It only shows a generic representation of a Green, Yellow, Orange or Red colored ball (which is not near as accurate or helpful).

Plus, there are no details about everything a person would get if they purchased the “Pro Version”... to shows that a person would get LTE, Bluetooth and Sound strength tracking in the “Pro Version”. However, it would also be nice if there was a website in English without having Google trying to translate it, as well. Because again, for me, I would care more if the “Pro” means a person can get more specific info on the dBm.

So, if Rooking would show the actual dBm data for the Wi-Fi that would be WAY better for trouble shooting Wi-Fi signal strength and where to best place a person’s Wi-Fi router for optimal performance. Plus, it would be great if they would “stamp” that data right on their little color coded balls...or better yet allow a person to “plant” virtual flags when we want, just like the AR Signal Master app I was using (which is no longer available). I would actually prefer to put down my own tag rather than a bunch of dots that I cannot control. If that makes sense?

So if Rooking adds the dBm while a person walks around...I’d buy it for the one time purchase of $31.95...because it would then be worth it for what I need it to do.

So again, this “feels” like a good first start...thanks for all you do Rooking. 😇


Thank you for reviewing the app.
Continue to improve.
Thank you for your continued support for AR-WAVE.


This app is kinda cool

First time downloading the app and it does everything as specified. It checks the best spot for the WiFi and shows you using the camera. You have to move around to map the place. Has other features too for like Bluetooth and LTE connections but it makes you pay. Overall nice app


Thank you for reviewing the app. Continue to improve. Thank you for your continued support for AR-WAVE.


Cool but

Kinda of cool but not very useful. Would be better if you show the signal strength in db and allow for the user the set the thresholds. Also a way to save the data. How do I uninstall and unsubscribe


Thank you for reviewing.
I will improve.
The method of canceling the application is described in the explanation column.
Please check that.
Thank you for your continued support for AR-WAVE.