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An innovative and easy-to-use tool to start designing your own industrial Stratified Thermal Energy Storage Tank

ARANER specializes in designing and building TES technologies that integrate seamlessly into any district cooling, government facilities, power plants, or industrial/commercial facilities. ARANER has developed several special solutions for Cool Energy Storage which have been implemented in iconic projects around the world, providing its customers extended storage capacity in reduced size tanks

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks are a widely proven and efficient technology that allows the storage of chilled water produced during off-peak periods for its use during daily peak hours. A TES tank reduces the operational cost and the required capacity of cooling plants, increasing the efficiency of the cooling plant and reducing the capital cost, among other advantages.

ARANER TES app represents an innovative and easy-to-use tool to start designing your own stratified Thermal Energy Storage Tank, including the following additional features:
• Size and select the type of TES tank and diffusers by yourself
• Keep a detailed record of all your TES projects
• Stay up-to-date on the latest news of the TES market
• Learn about the main features of stratified TES tanks
• Be in touch with our international expert team

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