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¡Vence fácilmente en el juego mental de la dieta! Mantén activa la motivación, ponle empeño y pierde peso rápidamente.

El Asistente de dieta te mantendrá motivada, te orientará en el camino, te ayudará a combatir los antojos de comida, las tentaciones, la alimentación emocional, la pereza de hacer ejercicio y otros obstáculos, todo ello con
> Argumentos motivadores y directrices > Recordatorios útiles > Diario de dieta y calculadora de calorías > Notificaciones con tus objetivos, fotos motivadoras y gráfico de peso.
> Gráfico de peso (característica de la versión profesional) > Botón de socorro para antojos (característica de la versión profesional) Lo sentimos, chicos, esta aplicación es solo para mujeres El Asistente de dieta tiene seis características principales
> Integración completa con la aplicación Salud de Apple para el peso, calorías y nutrientes. Tus datos se comparten con Salud únicamente según tus permisos y preferencias.

> Recordatorios: añade recordatorios de dieta personalizados (como bebe agua, prepara verduras, come despacio, pésate).

> Fotos motivadoras: conserva las fotos que te motivan a perder peso y te recuerdan tus objetivos.

> Recomendaciones para la perseverancia: pulsa el botón del desafío al que te enfrentas y aparecerán recomendaciones motivadoras con imágenes estimulantes.

> Diario de dieta y calculadora de calorías: diseñado para consolidar tu compromiso, el diario reducirá al mínimo la necesidad de registrar los eventos y te ayudará a lograr tus objetivos a largo plazo Actualiza a la versión de pago y podrás disfrutar de

> Botón de socorro para antojos de comida: pulsa el botón para tener a mano todas las herramientas necesarias para vencer los antojos. (Compromiso, cronómetro, citas motivadoras, distintivos) > Gráfico de peso: monitoriza el progreso de la pérdida de peso y utiliza tu gráfico de peso como un instrumento motivador (recibiendo recordatorios de este) > Monitoriza el consumo de agua > Haz fotos de las comidas > Copia las comidas repetidas a otros días > Copia las comidas anteriores > Añade elementos a favoritos

Integración con Salud de Apple:
Integración total con la aplicación "Salud" de Apple para las medidas del peso y las calorías. Tus datos se comparten con Salud solo según tus permisos y preferencias. Ve a la página de preferencias de la aplicación o al resumen del diario dietético para integrar todos tus datos importantes con "Salud".
Integrar "Salud" importará y exportará las calorías consumidas y quemadas al diario dietético como filas especiales de "Salud". Las calorías y nutrientes también se añadirán al resumen diario. El peso medido también se puede importar y exportar y aparecerá dentro del gráfico de peso de la aplicación.

My Diet Coach Offers two types of Premium subscriptions, a monthly Premium subscription and a Yearly Premium subscription. Those subscriptions are offered now in a special Luanch price!!!
and will grant you an advanced coaching program with many more features.
• The subscription are renewed automatically.
• The monthly subscription is billed monthly and renewed automatically each month. It costs 5.49€/month
• The yearly subscription is billed annually and renewed automatically each year. It costs 29,99€/year (2.49€/month on average)
Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
• You can manage the subscriptions and turn the auto-renewal off by going to your Account Settings or through App's Settings->Subscription
• You can’t cancel the current subscription

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:


Versión 9.0.28

Añadir rápidamente alimentos, ejercicios y pesos desde el inicio.
Pantalla "Yo" para ver todas tus datos y preferencias personales.
Cabello gris para tu avatar.
Las notificaciones de puntos se muestran en la parte inferior de la pantalla.
Es más fácil añadir y editar pesos y medidas.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.6 de 5
16.2 mil valoraciones

16.2 mil valoraciones

listener5362891 ,

Keeps me motivated! Only thing that works for me!

I love the rewards. They seem silly for an adult, but I get so bored and these keep it more stimulating. Plus, you get rewarded for healthy habits even if you haven’t lost weight. Entering products/calories is also easy, so I’m more likely to keep up with it. Before I restored, I had an older version of the app that offered the slim down avatar and the weight chart for free - those were both super motivating as well! I’m debating upgrading to pro just so I can get those features back. The quotes and panic button were also super helpful to me in the beginning when I was struggling to break habits and cravings. LOVE it! It’s the only app that works for me because it doesn’t get boring. If anything, more options for clothes (or replacing some of the clothes with more trendy versions) would be my main request. I plateaued and regained weight after a super successful year (now I’m successfully restarting)... part of it was the plateau, but I also think part of it was because I’d chosen all of the clothes/accessories I liked and wanted, so I became disengaged. Awesome for short term/teaching goals, but I would LOVE features to make it an app I can use for years, and something to keep me more engaged after I reach my goals would’ve been awesome to keep me from regaining the 40 lbs I lost using the app.

HaleySoups ,

Get the Pro Version!

I love that this app is so customizable - you can add your own pictures for motivation, make your avatar look like yourself, create unique challenges, and scan the barcodes of food items to instantly upload their nutrition information. I would highly recommend getting the pro version in order to take advantage of all the features.

This app also includes a game-like leveling system in which you earn points for sticking with it. I like this system a lot, but there is one thing I would change about it: the fashion items. As you earn points, the game gives you clothing items to put on your avatar, but these clothing items are generated randomly and most of them don't fit the avatar well at all. I'm trying to lose weight - I don't want to plaster my ideal self with ill fitting clothes that make her look bigger than she is! I wish that the fashion items actually fit the avatar, and I wish that I could see a list of items to buy and save up my points to get the things I really want. Sometimes that would be all the motivation I would need to do a few extra squats or drink a little bit more water.

Other than that, this app is a wonderful tool that has already helped me lose weight and be more mindful of myself.

Can Do Tammy ,

Revised review

I’m revising my review because of poor customer support. For several months at several times I have tried contacting customer service. I receive a confirmation text that they received my text but nothing further to help resolve my issue. I tried the apps suggestions for no longer receiving notifications. None of the suggestions worked. The notifications for me was a big help in my weight loss journey. Without the notifications it put me in charge of searching for motivation vehement the notifications worked the program would notify me at the times I had requested. Without the notifications there is no reason to pay for the app. It was a combination of a lot of good motivational features that kept me using it for 424 days. I’m very sad to go but I’m only occasionally using the app without the notifications. I’m leaving my old review so that you can see the great features it has if they would fix there lack of customer support. ——-here is my old review——-Best app I’ve used for motivation. It has lots of different ways to be motivated plus reminders so you don’t forget your promises to yourself. Definitely try it. You won’t regret it. The only thing I’m not crazy about is that it doesn’t sinc with weight watchers. I’m a weight watchers member so in order to see patterns in eating and the emotional note I made in this app I need to input my food twice or toggle between the two apps. Even with this the app is still fantastic!!!


Sé Prémium con precio especial
Nuestro mejor plan. Te llevaremos al éxito.


Anat Levi
150.1 MB

Requiere iOS 10.0 y watchOS 3.0 o versiones posteriores. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Polaco, Portugués, Ruso

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