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Audioguíame App allows you to download and listen to the audio guides that museums and monuments have created to enrich your visit. You can also download city audio guides that hotels and other companies related to tourism will make available to facilitate your stay.
Audioguíame is an 2.0 audio guides service created by the own centers for you.
Why is it more practical to use Audioguíame ?:

1. It´s the way to access to the official audio guides of numerous museums and monuments.

2. You will also enjoy the specialized audio guides that hotels and other companies in the sector will make available to you: city tours, restaurants routes, leisure and shopping routes, experiences routes, etc.

3. On your own mobile device, without having to queue to pick up the old audio guides.

4. You can listen to the audio with your own headphones, through the speakers of your mobile device or as if it was a phone call using earpiece speaker.

5. You will be able to listen to the audio guide in several languages when guides are designed in order to include them.

6. Find other nearby centers that also have their audio guides with us.

7. Orientate yourself in the city audio guides thanks to the built-in map: locate the main monuments, museums and points of interest and use recommended routes to go round them.

8. Take the audio guide with you wherever you go and listen to it as often as you like.

9. You can download the audio guide remotely using any free Wi-Fi (for example your hotel Wi-Fi) or in the center with your mobile data (if there is not an available Wi-Fi): don´t worry, the tracks are compressed in such a way that the of the consumption of data and the space they occupy in your device is minimal.

10. You can delete the audio guides at any time, and even delete only the audio tracks, leaving the audio guide name in case you ever want to download it again

Using Audioguíame for a guided tour is a simple, comfortable and rewarding experience. Just scan the QR code that will be available to download the audios ... and enjoy! A guided tour with Audioguíame will help you to better understand the content and the context, as if a guide was with you, but with the advantages of being able to determine times to your liking, making the pauses you consider appropriate and resuming the explanation whenever you want.

From Audioguíame, we are working so that the number of institutions that work with us and make their audio guides available to their visitors or clients through our application increases every day.

Download Now Audioguíame app, it's totally free!

You can contact us and make suggestions at or using our website, we will be happy to assist you.

Note: Audioguíame is not responsible for the contents of the audio guides created by the centers or institutions that work with us.


Versión 1.25

Update to iOS 14,
New list of audio guides.

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, 1yceros S.L., ha indicado que las prácticas de privacidad de la app pueden incluir la gestión de datos descrita a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar, por ejemplo, dependiendo de tu edad o de las funciones que uses. Más información

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