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AudioTweak is an advanced audio player that makes it easy to learn, transcribe and practice new songs. It is supercharged with tools and features you can use to manipulate audio tracks and figure out what's going on in a song.

Slow down an audio track, adjust its pitch, and set a looped region to practice a section over and over again at a speed that feels comfortable.

Adjust the EQ, regulate the pan, and lower the playback speed to hear every nuance. Change the pitch to transcribe a song into a different key.

- Load songs from your music library, iCloud, or another app
- Change the speed of your track from 30% to 250% without affecting the pitch
- Change the pitch of your track from -24 semitones up to +24 semitones
- Set a looped region to continuously repeat a certain section of your track
- 10 band graphic EQ
- Listen to the left and right channels of a stereo track separately
- Export a section or the entire track in a new audio file (Core Audio Format)

Some audio files, such as Apple Music songs, may be DRM protected. You will not be able to open these files with AudioTweak.

ما الجديد

الإصدار 3.5.2

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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EchidnaLegit ،

Neat, but a few minor inconveniences.

It’d be nice if you guys fix up the export feature a bit. It exports the whole thing even when you have a certain snippet selected. Along with maybe making the looping more seamless.
Now this isn’t an issue but it’d be cool if you added more audio visualizations, like a Spectrum, Spectrogram, or maybe even a more specific Oscillation.

استجابة المطور ،

Hi! Now AudioTweak can export the entire track or the looped region only. You can set the preferred behavior from the settings.

Thanks for all the great suggestions! We'll definitely consider adding more audio visualization features.

aLoverOfLemons ،

Works great and does the job quite well

Some more options for pitch would be great, this would be five stars but hogs up space by not allowing to delete exported files/songs that are contained in the app.

Champagne Coasts ،

This app is perfect!

I love that this app doesn’t have limits and annoying paywalls like other apps I’ve tried. I just have one suggestion, could we be able to make the pitching more fine tuned? Like with half semitones added, or have it like the speed where it’s 1.00 and so on.

استجابة المطور ،

Hi! In newer versions of our app you can finally set the precision of the pitch slider from the settings.

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