Auto Chess is a brand new, highly competitive multiplayer online strategy game created by Drodo and Dragonest Co.Ltd, released and technically supported by Dragonest Co.Ltd. Players will build their own economy system and use unique units to fight against each other in a 8 player last man standing scenario. Pit your strategy skills against 7 other players at the same time and proof your skill to adapt your stragies in real-time. ImbaTV will manage Auto Chess' global esports tournaments. No matter where you're from, you can challenge the top players from all over the world. The world's top Auto Chess eSports league is waiting for you!

Innovative gameplay
By collecting/changing Hero cards, and arranging different formations, 8 chess gamers will be contending for the first prize in the following tens of minutes. Millions of players are challenging each other every day, and, it has become one of the most popular leisure gameplays nowadays.

Fair Play
Make a real fair-play game! The World e-Sports Games are created by Dragonest Co.Ltd., Drodo, and lmbaTV. Million Prize Pool awaiting!

Strategy Rules the World
Players will randomly get their Heroes in the Sharing Cardpool, and form special formations according to their unique strategies. Evolution, combination, jockey for position etc. enable you to practice your strategies to the greatest extent. Who will be adaptable to the changing tide and survive till the end?

Global Server
No matter where you come from, welcome to our world and challenge players from all over the world!

【Customer service mailbox】

What’s New

Version 1.0.1

[New art design]
1. Brand new interface style
2. Optimized all Chess pieces models
3. Optimized all Items icons
4. Optimized sharing page
5. Optimized Game logo

[New Chess pieces]
1. Frostblaze Dragon: Dragon; Warlock
2. Umbra: Dragon, Egersis; Hunter

[Chess Store Adjustment]
In Fantasy, Duo and Classic modes:
1. Added Frostblaze Dragon and Umbra
2. Removed temporarily Egersis Prophet

[New Synergy]
Dragon (6): At the start of the battle, 6 Allies have 100 mana. (When there are more than 6 Allies on the Chessboard, those deployed on the relative left will get the effects in priority.)
Mage (9): All Enemies lose Magic Resistance by 150%.

[New Mode]
1. Trio Mode

[New Functions]
1. Changed Special Effect configurations into 3 slots to each Chess player, and added 3 Outfit slots with which you could customize your Chess player (only available for certain Chess players at present)
2. Integrated Story Animation when entering the Novice Guidance.
3. Invited "Unicorn" to guide you in Novice Guidance
4. Added "I want to be strong" tips below the Settlement interface
5. Added "Casting action" and "Injured action" to Chess players
6. The unused items in the "Exchange" events will be automatically sold at the end of the event
7. Added "Auto Repair" button on the login interface, you could try with this function when you encountered a login error

1. Fixed the issue where you couldn't install the formal client and Experimental Server client on the same device

[Item Adjustment]
1. Newly added Items: Nether Essence, Python Wand, Halberd of Judgement;

2. Adjusted Combination Chain:
Dragonbone Shield = Cattlehide Armour + Life Crystal
Heaven's Gift = Dragonbone Shield + Dragon Blood Axe
Orb of Regen = Magicka Crystal + Magicka Crystal
Anti-Maga Cloak = Resistance Cloak + Resistance Cloak
Maelstorm = Rune Hammer + Rune Hammer
Oblivion Staff = Wooden Club + Rune Hammer
Cloud Halberd = Life Crystal + Lucky Coin
Icearmor = Blade Mail + Nether Essence
Claw Wand = Python Wand + Wraith Shard
Orb of Refresh = Orb of Regen + Mysterial Staff
Pulse Staff (Level 2) = Pulse Staff (Level 1) + Mysterial Staff
Scythe of Vyse = Voodoo Staff + Mysterial Staff
Infused Mask = Frantic Mask + Dragon Blood Axe
Heart of Tarrasque = Puppet Mask + Dragon Blood Axe
Barbaric Cuirass = Steel Platemail + Nether Essence
Jade Pipe = Anti-Maga Cloak + Nether Essence
Axe of Fury = Shadow Edge + Wraith Shard

3. Adjusted Quality:
These are now Common items: Lucky Coin
These are now Rare items: Dragon Blood Axe, Wraith Shard, Ghost Blade and Mysterial Staff
These are now Mythical items: Dragonbone Shield, Orb of Regen, Anti-Maga Cloak, Maelstorm, Oblivion Staff, Cloud Halberd, Steel Platemail, Frantic Mask, Voodoo Staff, Crystal Sword, Blade Mail and Puppet Mask
These are now Legendary items: Heaven's Gift, Claw Wand, Pulse Staff (Level 2), Infused Mask, Barbaric Cuirass and Jade Pipe

4. Adjusted Attributes and Effects:
Heaven's Gift
Orb of Regen
Anti-Maga Cloak
Cloud Halberd
Shadow Edge
Claw Wand
Orb of Refresh
Scythe of Vyse
Infused Mask
Heart of Tarrasque
Barbaric Cuirass
Jade Pipe
Wooden Club
Rune Hammer
Dragon Blood Axe
Pulse Staff (Level 2)

5. Removed Item:
Ring of Life
Kira Axe
Fish Fork
Teleport Dagger
Killerbot 300
Wraith Crystal

1. You cannot quite the Novice Guidance in advance, but you could now surrender in Round 8 (instead of Round 12)

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
3.7K Ratings

3.7K Ratings

Alg102 ,

Great game with only the smallest of problems

All and all I have an absolute blast playing this version of auto chess. The characters are well designed and the gameplay is easy to learn, hard to master which many people prefer. The only things that I have a major problem with are the shop rng and the item drops. Some games the troop you need is always one or two reshuffles away, but one game I needed one troop in order to upgrade my current troop to level 3 and I reshuffled 10+ times over three rounds and it never appeared once. And lastly I really enjoy equipping items to my troops, but some games you get 5 items in thirty rounds and your opponent has gotten 10-15. Along with items dropping sporadically, if you accidentally equip an item to the wrong troop there’s no way to retrieve it without selling that troop. Being able to move items freely among characters and the bag would be a great addition to the game. Honestly this game is an amazing way to just sit and pass the time and I hope it continues to grow in popularity and more people become introduced to the genre. If anyone reading this review is on the fence about getting the game, I highly recommend it.

XPLimos ,

Was fun, until Gods were introduced.

This game was really fun to play and create strategies on. Until the introduced the Divinity class. With this stupid class, normal strategies go out the window because of how weird the Divinity class acts. There’s only TWO new pieces in the WHOLE update that are divinity class and I’ve only seen ONE of them since the update. What’s worse is that there’s another restrictive class called Demon which took effect if there was only one, but at least there was a subclass, the Witcher, that could mitigate that effect. There should really be a subclass that could mitigate the effect of Divinity pieces rather than a synergy with the Divinity pieces. Maybe something like a Devout or Zealot subclass that could work like the Witcher but with Divinity so that more synergism gets strategies could work.

But what I think is most infuriating is that there are times whenever the Divinity piece is being played and players make it no further than round 5 no matter what type of strategy they try while others manage to win the whole match with two level 3 Gods of War with seemingly mish-mashed teams that don’t have a specific strategy yet they always come out on top. This is an inconsistency that really bothers me and would really like something that could mitigate the whole “no other race synergy” restriction.

Developer Response ,

Hi, thank you very much for your kind feedback, and we would also keep optimizing and adjust the pieces and skills. And also, we would record and consider the ideas soon.

Luv2Pull ,

It Is Playable

This game and genre are very entertaining and easy to pick up and put down leisurely. I cannot gripe too much about hiccups in the game play as the devs have already stated it is still in beta. A suggestion I have for the team is coding in an increasing rate of occurrence for pieces that are purchased and on deck or in the field. I understand that the deck is the same for all players and that it is shuffled after every round. However, the commons have a very low occurrence rate after round 10 or so. This almost forces a player to sell non-evolved commons to upgrade to the rarer pieces at a financial loss which gives that player a disadvantage in late game stages against a player who got lucky and was able to evolve all of their commons in the first 10 rounds and gain interest for ranking up and purchasing epic pieces. A minor coding change would solve this issue and allow for a more evenly matched game in general. Other than that I enjoy the game and the updates are spot on thus far. New additions are a little OP, but I know you will fix that later. Keep up the good fight.

Developer Response ,

Hi, dear player, thanks for your suggestion. Please feel free to contact customer service in the game for more suggestion feedback. And we shall always check and optimize the game.


Long Entertainment Company Limited
1.9 GB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
In-App Purchases
  1. 60 Donuts $0.99
  2. 308 Donuts $4.99
  3. 1288 Donuts $19.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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