This Text Expander Autotext App puts an end to tedious touch-typing:

● Organize & access frequently used text from a handy snippet menu.
● Expand autotext abbreviations into longer phrases.
● Sync snippets with other iOS devices or computers.


The unique phrase menu saves you from memorizing autotext abbreviations:

● Access over 600 phrases with just five taps!
● Descriptive menus instead cryptic shortcuts
● No more autotext cheat-sheets
● Fat-finger compatible large menus


● Swipe-up keys for upper case letters
● Swipe down keys for numbers or symbols
● Dedicated phrase menu for instant access
● Smart bar with auto-complete suggestions


The Freeware App version is free for personal use, limited to 10 phrases and excludes features of the Standard/Pro/Enterprise Edition, that can be obtained with an "InApp" purchase:


● Save more than 10 phrases/folders
● Professional use allowed
● Statistics can be disabled


The Pro Edition additionally supports macro functions:

● Fill-ins and input forms (without grid/dynamic forms)
● Custom time/date stamps
● Date/math calculations
● Nest & link phrases
● Multiple choice phrases
● Conditional phrases, random text variation
● Clipboard operations, counters and variables
● Phrase customization with user input


The ENTERPRISE Edition additionally supports following macro functions:

● Grid form input
● Dynamic form inputs
● Support for "DeepL" language translation paid service

Please test all(!) features in the free edition before making a purchase to make a confident and risk-free purchase decision. Paid features can be used in the freeware as well (with license notifications).


● The PhraseExpress App does not support external hardware keyboards.
● Macros can be used with the App but they must be created/edited on a Mac or Windows computer. The App is not designed to create/edit macros and it would be tedious trying to do that.
● The PhraseExpress iOS App does not support bitmaps in the text.
● The App purchase does not include a Mac/Windows version.

Privacy Policy: Our App NEVER transmits any keyboard input, personal information and/or stored phrases to us. We are based in Germany, a country with one of the strictest privacy laws. More info:


Version 185

Improved keyboard

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.3 von 5
35 Bewertungen

35 Bewertungen

WannabeDoc ,

Great app but buggy

I have been using this to help with charting on medical cases. Checkboxes and forms are great but when I try and edit within the app on my iPad it crashes every time. I end up editing on google docs and then creating new text macro.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

It would be great, if you would report any issue to - Thank you. // Update: Unfortunately, the user never contacted us. We would have loved to assist.

rallycar27 ,

Will not sync with Mac

I followed all the steps on the website. I enabled all permissions on my Mac. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app on Mac and iOS. Unfortunately, I could not get the app to sync between my iPhone and Mac. I could see the PhraseExpress folder and PhraseExpress file in iCloud Drive using the Files app on my iPhone and even tapped it to download it as they describe deep in the instructions on the website. However, that folder and file would not show up in iCloud Drive on my Mac. I guess it’s semi-fair to blame Apple and not the developer, but honestly if I can’t get your app to work, then you should rethink your sync service and onboarding steps for new users. I had high hopes for this app because it seemed like if it only would sync then it would provide all the features I needed in a text expander app. Maybe I will try again another day. Very frustrating. iCloud sync is reliable for every other service and app I’ve used it for, so I don’t know what the issue is with PhraseExpress.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Sync should work fine and there are no other reports that it wouldn’t. Please check Troubleshooting tips at

mix579 ,

Much inferior to desktop version

I really like the desktop version but the iPhone/iPad version is close to useless (and I did upgrade to Pro). My main issues. No autocorrect like you see in the apple keyboard. According to the manual autocorrect is accomplished through autotext entries but I don’t see how. Do I need to enter every possible wrongly spelled word??? There doesn’t seem to be an option to automagically add misspelled words to an autotext “dictionary”. Second, the keys on the keyboard are significantly different in size from the Apple keyboard. I’ve really tried but I keep hitting the wrong characters which combined with the lack of autocorrect makes quick writing impossible. Third, no real two way sync with desktop. Seems like Windows can read the iOS phrases via iCloud but not the other way around. That’s just not reasonable. It may well be that some of these issues are limitations in iOS but be that as it may it makes this app not meet my expectations by a long shot.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Please read the manual at which contains many step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to learn how to get the most out of the app. The mobile app is not advertised as being the same as the desktop version. This is partly due to restrictions in iOS, limiting the possibilities what can be included. Please judge the app by its advertised features.


Der Entwickler, Bartels Media GmbH, hat darauf hingewiesen, dass die Datenschutzrichtlinien der App den unten stehenden Umgang mit Daten einschließen können. Weitere Informationen findest du in den Datenschutzrichtlinien des Entwicklers.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Die Datenschutzpraktiken können zum Beispiel je nach den von dir verwendeten Funktionen oder deinem Alter variieren. Weitere Infos


  • Familienfreigabe

    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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