Become a legend in this new online RPG!
Avalonia Online lets you directly participate in game actions without needing to play boring tutorials or learn instructions. Just login, grab your sword and fight with other players and build a new kingdom!

Avalonia Online lets you build houses, add furniture and invite your friends to chat. You can explore the land, reap apples, fight monsters, meet other players, chat and have a good time!

New: Create a clan and conquer castles and pirate ships!

Hope to see you soon in the game!


Version 2.5

Support for iPhone X and faster game!

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3.4 ud af 5
44 vurderinger

44 vurderinger

MoNsTeR Xd 1000 ,

Honest Opinion

Hello, my name is Coolkiz22/iCoolkiz. Previous Police Admin on Avalonia. Here to give my best and honest opinion on the game.

Firstly, it’s something newer. Games like GraalOnline Classic are somewhat like this, but Avalonia is the more updated version. Although, I will say Avalonia gets very old. Very quickly. I was forced to resign from my position due to pure boredome. Only so much you can do in the game. I suggest adding more to do.

TheLostZone ,

For those who don't know...

Most of the reviews on this app are people saying how much they love this game. Well I suggest you go check out the original game and all of its branches, the game is graal online classic, and it's everything this game is in its original state plus more, as well as all the other graal games such as zone and era "in my opinion era is the best" this ripoff of the game came to the App Store when one of the developers of graal classic was fired from the team, he still had the coding and design of the game saved and he decided to change very few of the details to the game and paid to get it on the front page of the App Store to get his revenge. Many graal players laugh at this game, when comparing it to graal this game is so bad, with graals constant updates, events every day, and all the extra content, this game is purely a scam that makes the "creator" a crazy amount of money.

Svar fra udvikler ,

It would be nice if you could give feedback about the actual game. We are happy for any ideas and feedback.

Floralprintpumps ,

Major fun!

I really love this game. It's quite simple at the beginning to play. The graphics are well designed. When you join the game, it give you free bonus to play and during the game it gives you tips make it easier to play.


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4.8 MB

Kræver iOS 9.0 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.



Sporadisk/mild vold i tegneserier eller fantasy
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