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The first and only integrated platform that allows people to:
Write their own literature/novel and publish it chapter by chapter
Set price for each chapter and get paid to fund their writing career
Read all kinds of original literature with ultimate reading experience


版本 1.2.65

Add recommend reading.
A number of problems have been modified and some new functions have been added.


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7 个评分

7 个评分



It would be convenient if writers didn’t have to make a second account to be able to read other books. Also, it would help authors if there were italic & bold choices when writing. Sometimes when writing, words need to be emphasized and this would be a great way of getting that across. I would also like to note that the app version needs major work as far as being able to edit through the app itself. Logging onto the website version HAS to be on a PC which is super inconvenient considering no one really carries their computer around 24/7 to edit and post their books. I use my phone for work, so being able to use my phone would make this less of a hassle.


Gain a Readership... for Pennies

The AvalonNovel app is a well-intentioned one: post your own creative writing, and the app will calculate how many users have clicked through your pages and/or saved your pages to read for later. For any beginning writer, this offers a great sense of validation for your work. To give an example: after posting only 3 chapters in 3 weeks, I had over 8K readers! Over 200 people had saved my pages to read for later! How exciting.
However, the concept of making money is in theory, rather than in practice. For the 8 remaining chapters of my book, I charged 0.20 a piece. Yes, that's 20 cents a chapter, making the total purchase for the entire book less than $2. That's less than 1 cup of coffee. But out of the more than 8 thousand readers, only 5 people have paid this fee to read the chapters over the last month. Readers are only willing to pay mere pennies for your hard work.
Additionally, the company takes 30% of everything you earn as a service fee. (I suppose they have to pay their bills too...) So don't expect this app to make you the fortune it promises.


no upload to app

hello, i am a writer, i can’t find the part of your app where you paste user submissions. i need to upload so that i can make a profit.

hello, i was going to sign in on your website, and it says connection not secure, credentials might be compromised.

May i recommend getting an https on your domain to fix this problem,

your website also has a lot of amazon prefixes and it hosts a lot of servers.


Avalon Technology Inc
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系统要求:iOS 9.0 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。


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