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Aviation News Section:

You can get latest Aviation Headlines in a second.
Aviation News from around the world, updated around the clock.

Occurrence Section:

This App concentrates on "Air Transport" or "Airline", meaning in general the app will report only about commercial flights or commercial operators involving airplanes with 19 passenger seats or more.
Incidents will be reported only during active flights, meaning from entering the takeoff runway to leaving the landing runway, other incidents at the gate or during taxi are summarily dismissed.
Accidents involving commercial flights with 19 or more seats are reported as soon as we gets to know about them.
- Report: indicates an articles about the release and contents of an official incident or accident investigation report, both preliminary and final, where this app did not report the original event.
- News: indicates an article about commercial aviation events, that are not related to an active flight (a flight is active from entering its takeoff runway to leaving its landing runway).
- Incident: marks any event out of the ordinary during flight (from the first human with the intention to fly boarding the aircraft to last human with intention to fly leaving the aircraft), that causes no injuries or death to any people and causes only limited damage (exception: the engines of an aircraft may suffer even catastrophic damage in an incident).
- Accident: marks an incident, that has caused injuries or death to humans or caused significant damage.
- Crash: marks an accident, that is potentially catastrophic (has the potential to kill everybody on board of an airplane).


Version 1.2

- comment function on occurrence reporting
- pagination feature
- performance improvements

Notes et avis

1.6 sur 5
5 notes

5 notes

Mike-mn ,

Back button too small

Clicking on a report takes you to the main details page of the report. The report is interesting and in-depth however the back button to take you back to the main List of reports is way too small and located right next to the advertising button. I find it quite frustrating and irritating when programmers do that. I think they make money when you click on an advertisement so sometimes they do whatever it takes to get you to click on the advertisement. I don't mind that they have an advertisement button in their program that provides incentive for them to provide us with free apps but to design it this way makes it an app I'm not interested in.

I'm going to look for a different app that doesn't do that and I'm not going to look at the app developers other apps because it's likely they have the same problem.

Sluf4 ,

Too many ads

Get rid of the ads! So annoying. Also it's hard to read a story then go back to the main menu

Apfelmaennchen ,


Interesting database this app appears to be able to tap into. No filtering or search.
Tapping on a case loads it fine and fast, but there is only a tiny dysfunctional Back button so the app needs to be restarted after each case - app has apparently not been tested for the most primitive use cases.


ahmet Baydas
4.6 Mo

Nécessite iOS 7.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.




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