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Découvrez la nouvelle application de tennis de Babolat.
L'appli qui vous permet d'emporter le tennis avec vous, où que vous alliez.

Analysez vos propres informations, bénéficiez d'offres exclusives et suivez les résultats des joueurs pro, le tout en un seul et même endroit. Rejoignez votre club de tennis digital dans un nouveau réseau social dédié exclusivement au tennis.

Analysez votre activité tennistique et accédez facilement à l'ensemble de vos informations, notamment vos entraînements, vos matches, votre équipement ou votre magasin préféré. Toute votre vie tennistique en un seul et même endroit.

Rejoignez la communauté tennistique digitale où vous, vos amis et vos joueurs préférés peuvent poster, partager et aimer les dernières photos et actualités sur le tennis.

Entrez dans la newsroom et obtenez l'ensemble des informations sur vos joueurs de tennis pro préférés notamment leurs derniers résultats, le tout en un seul et même endroit.

Il s'agit de la première appli développée autour de votre amour pour le tennis. Accédez à du contenu exclusif, bénéficiez d'offres spéciales et gagnez des points pour tous les efforts que vous menez sur et en dehors du court, car nous récompensons votre passion pour le tennis.

Associez votre appli Babolat à une raquette connectée Babolat PLAY et découvrez une vue d'ensemble complète de votre performance tennistique. Obtenez des statistiques détaillées sur votre jeu. De la vitesse de votre service au spin de votre coup droit, vous saurez tout !


Version 2.1.7

Correctifs et améliorations des performances.

Notes et avis

joey harrison ,

Great concept, low standards

Babolat must bring back some essential elements from the POP app that uses PIQ score, trend analysis, forehand and backhand racquet speed, and quite frankly a better format for frequent users. I used the POP app with a PIQ robot for a year to track my stats and loved it so much I even bought one for my wife. I assumed that the expensive babolat Play series racquets would have the same standards and depth of shot analysis and stat tracking, actually I assumed it would be better. Instead, the most useful feature of this app is the impact location feature. I still can see how many of each shot I have hit but why can’t this technology give me the racquet speed on forehands and backhands anymore? And that trending feature in the POP app was helpful. It seems like they really put no effort into making an app that can make you feel like the sensors in that racquet are worth much. What it does tell you is simple stuff, also was hoping for a better social media platform for tennis players to be built in but I have heard nothing but bad news about that too.

Aside from the obvious failures in the software department, this is a very good racquet and I’m playing better than ever with it. Much better than my 2018 pure drive. I recommend it, but get it used for like $120 like I did on eBay and maybe demo some similar racquets before you get this thinking the stats will help you as much as the actual racquet

appdecentuser321 ,

Dumbest app in the App Store

The product manager for this app should be fired. Period. Babolat used to have a great product - desktop and app which made Play racquet a worthwhile investment. Pulse, trends, and all useful features have been trashed. For some reason, they are still selling the racquet for 100$ more than a normal racquet but have no software to back it up. This app is such a joke that I wont even bother to write a detailed review - will take me pages to fit in all the complaints. E.g., They give some “points” for validating sessions and no clue as to what to do with those points. Do I get some Babolat gear if I collect points? You cant edit a session if you make an entry mistake. There are technical bugs throughout the app but ZERO updates have been made in past 6 months. Babolat - please pay some qualified developers to rebuild this app. Its only a month’s worth of work to fix it at best - some bugs are so obvious (you have to rotate your ipad and then go back two operations to get an “ok” button!). If not, please refund my 100$ premium for the hardware. I wonder why the old app and desktop product cannot just be brought back. Also, I have lost all my data since they “upgraded” this app.

Explorersport50 ,


Update 4/2/18. Well it finally works!! Decided to try and open the app after months of it not working and it worked! Was able to sync and didn’t crash. Hopefully they finally solved the issues. Thanks babolat

Even after June 21 update still crashing every time I try and log in.

Well can't even open the app cause it crashes. I deleted and started from scratch and everytime u try and log it it shuts down. Because this app wasn't working I tried to download the Mac app to at least be able to upload data via USB and it has not been updated since 2013 and the coding won't even let it open on any of my mac computers. So I'm stuck with my new racquet and zero way to upload or update the racquet.

Another update7/21. Please tell us what's going on. I bought a new racquet months ago and it worked once before the latest update and now the app still just shuts down. There is no way to upload the info via computer either cause u put all your eggs in one basket with the app that's an epic fail. I've never seen an app go this long without a team fixing it. Ridiculous! At least add computer website support again.

Another update 9/2. They just released a new version finally crashes as soon as I try and log in! Still unusable

Réponse du développeur ,

Dear, a new application has been released (version 2.1.1). We invite you to update your Babolat application to make it fully compatible with your smartphone. Any other trouble? Contact us via Thanks for the confidence you have in our products! Let’s play connected!
Babolat team


Babolat VS
65.5 Mo

Nécessite iOS 9.3 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Italien, Japonais, Polonais, Portugais, Russe, Suédois


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