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“Simple, quick and easy to use – a must for night feeds!”

Recommended by NHS midwives across the UK. *****

Time Magazine says:
"Baby Feed Timer, an elegant app that makes tracking breastfeeding a cinch, with perks.
The feed timer gives you 'left' and 'right' buttons (large buttons, thank goodness, so they’re easy to hit if you’re simultaneously cycling the baby through different feed positions). The best part? The 'analysis' screen."

Designed by and for breastfeeding mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due. It even tells you which breast to start on!

Baby Feed Timer does it all for you!
Tracks breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, nappies, sleep, solid food, baby's weight and baby's length. You can also make notes (ideal for recording baby's temperature and medicine given) and set notifications/alerts.

You can even synchronise the data across different phones (both iPhones and other phones) and view your data online at, making it easy to share baby's day with your partner or carer.

Quickly log data about baby from your Apple Watch. You don't even need to get your phone out of your pocket!

Data is analysed ready for you and your health visitor and shows daily, weekly and monthly averages.

See baby's day at a glance and spot trends quickly with easy to read charts.

√ Personalise the App to your baby by adding a picture, baby’s name and date of birth. It even tells you how old your baby is in weeks.

√ Use the App for more than one baby. Whether it’s a sibling later on or twins or more with full support for multiple timers!

√ Easy to use one button start/stop timer, especially useful during the night feeds.

√ Log breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, nappies, sleep, solid food, baby's weight, baby's length, make notes and set reminders.

√ Synchronise data between different phones (iPhones and other phones). You can also view baby's data on

√ Apple Watch App. Quickly log breastfeeds, bottles, sleep, nappies, and breast pumps from your Apple Watch. Apple Watch also tells you when the next feed is due. It can even be used when your iPhone is switched off or not nearby!

√ Night mode. The App detects light levels and automatically selects a night or daytime theme.

√ Focus on what's important to you by selecting which activities you would like to be displayed. You can even customise it further to show them in the order of your choice.

√ See baby's weight and length plotted against data from the World Health Organisation to see what percentile your baby is in.

√ Pause button. Ability to pause the timer during a feed.

√ At a glance view of how long since baby last fed, next feed time and which breast to use next.

√ Notifications to alert you when next feed is due, showing which breast to use.

√ View when the next feed is due from your lock screen.

√ Analysis of the data including average time between feeds and feed times for the day, week and month.

√ Easy to read charts displaying analysed data, as well as a timeline view so you can see emerging trends, such as baby feeding or sleeping at the same time every day. This also helps to show days when baby is acting differently such as more dirty nappies than usual.

√ View how long you have fed your baby for that day. Particularly useful for mothers who are monitoring if baby is feeding enough.

√ Manually add feeds if you miss one as well as edit feeds.

√ Add notes to existing logged feeds such as if baby was sick or fussy during a feed. You can also add a note to the log diary itself, for example, you can log baby's temperature and medicine given and optionally set a reminder for the next dose.

√ You can choose if the next feed is calculated from a set interval or using current feeding trends.

√ You can swap breasts during a single feed.

√ The option to email your data to your computer.


Versión 6.5.5

Fixed a bug where two entries recorded for the exact same time could cause an error when calculating averages
Performance improvement for those with large amounts of data recorded
Improved Support page

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4.8 de 5
13.1 mil valoraciones

13.1 mil valoraciones

c m t disney nightmare ,

Super helpful!

So first of all I paid for the full or premium or whatever it is called to share the log with my husband.... and it is beyond worth it (my family made fun of us etc. but here is our experience (it’s long so... I put I’d down below) for those who don’t wish to read I would 100% recommend even if baby is happy and healthy.

this log helped us post hospital release (day 4) to day 10 in determining that our child’s weight had likely gone down again. We had minor signs which concerned us, but family insisted we were being overlying cautious new parents of a new generation and didn’t need to track anything let alone use an ap... our child had lost weight post birth (most do) and gained it back, but on the first dr visit (day 6) lost weight again... went back day 7 and had gained significantly (it was concluded there was little to worry about and it was likely an issue with the different scales used in delivery vs pediatrician’s office. However we noticed (thanks to the ap) that 24 hours between poops had gone by twice and we were only getting 3-4 small wet diapers per day rather than the expected 8+... after our initial release. So we decided to call and asked for a dr appointment 5 days early (I’m glad we did) our child had lost weight, may have been experiencing some dehydration, and visited an ent.... long story short our child is doing well and this ap is wonderfully laid out and worth buying!

goodbyelizajane ,

Why No Voice Activation?

If I can get my Home Pod to start a timer, why can’t it start this timer? You’d think it would be a no-brainer to create a hands-free breastfeeding timer, but I’m guessing these things aren’t created by people who have actually nursed a baby. Particularly for those of us whose babies have poor latches, we need both hands to sort the kid, not faff about pushing buttons. Even with an Apple Watch, you still have to get your wrist in the right position and have a free hand to press go. So much for technology improving everyday life. It’s far easier to just watch the clock on the wall.

Otherwise, the app is fair-to/middling. There is no way to input the amount of milk the baby is taking at the breast, for those who are weighing. The sleep function is pretty rudimentary; if you start the clock on one device you won’t know it on the other. My husband and I can’t coordinate very well as a result. The separate sleep timer isn’t much better, and why would you want to open a separate app for sleep anyway? The main benefit of this app is that you can choose what to track and eliminate the rest from your screen. The log filter is also helpful. All data can be entered or amended later, in case you don’t log something immediately, which is a plus.

The analytics are really the only thing that make this better than a clock and a notebook. The machine saves time by doing the math for you. Otherwise it seems more like a toy than a tool.

hunebee3 ,

Excellent Customer Service

Best app for tracking breastfeeding sessions! I love the big buttons - other apps have tiny buttons and when you’re holding a little one and trying not to disturb their latch, big buttons really come in handy. I also like that there is no time entry needed for growth entries, only a date is needed. Some OTHER big company apps require a time which is annoying. It’s very easy to find what you need and to edit entries. I also like that I can enter weight in lb and oz but enter bottle feeds in ml. I cannot do this on my Medela app which drives me crazy - you have to select metric or standard and when entering lb and you can’t enter oz, only lb with decimal point. Plus you can enter any increment whereas other apps (Medela) limits you to big increments that are less precise. #1 REASON FOR 5 STARS: CUSTOMER SERVICE. My first two entries for weight were showing on top of each other instead of being appropriately spaced. I emailed support, their response was FAST, and they FIXED the problem as soon as I gave them the right information. So happy with their customer service and can say this is app is worth the premium upgrade. Thank you to Alex with customer support!! Can’t believe you fixed it within 24 hours of me sending you the pics! So happy.


Fehners Software LLP
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Requiere iOS 11.4 y watchOS 4.0 o versiones posteriores. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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