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From the developers of the Flip Diving & Flip Master (MotionVolt Games), comes all new Backflipper arcade mobile flipping game!

Perform backflips at the rooftops, park, over speeding cars, on moving elevators and over airplanes & satellites and be the best Backflipper ever!

With a custom physics engine and unique animated Ragdoll Physics gameplay, with edgy graphical style, the Backflipper is the most dynamic and entertaining backflipping experience ever created!

Download Backflipper NOW and get:


Pick your location! Skyscraper roofs, Speeding cars, Elevators, Trees & Park, Harbor with tons of boxes, Stonehenge Trucks and even Airplanes and Satellites!


Choose and get new characters. Backflip as an Athlete, Ninja, Panda, Penguin, Monkey King, Sumo, President and even Astronaut! Every character has their own unique features!


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This game does not require internet connection, and can be played offline.


Version 2.6.1

Now totally ad free! Play as much as you want without any ads!
Updated visual libraries

Notes et avis

4.7 sur 5
4.9 k notes

4.9 k notes

Mompreneur of 3 ,

About the birds...

So I play this game a lot and I really like it, but it’s just the birds in the moving cars map. Whenever I’m on a streak or have almost completed a challenge, there’s always a bird that hits me and prevents me from flipping and I get a bad landing. This gets me really frustrated because then I watch a video to stay in and when I was at so close to completing my challenge(it was a difficult challenge), a bird came and MESSED ME UP! All I’m asking is that you creators take away the birds or make them to where they can’t disturb or interrupt you. Other than that I this is definitely a 5 star game!

Réponse du développeur ,

Thanks for the feedback Mompreneur of 3, it means a lot!

theXBIGXogre ,

Simplicity done superbly

I don’t play many mobile games, but this game is going down as one of my current favorites. I LOVE not only the simplistic gameplay, but the simplistic design as well. One thing I think you should add tho is when ever you land on your head (or in any way that would be a ‘fatal hit’) you should list it as a specific injury depending on where you land. Nothing too fancy, just like ‘broken legs’ or ‘broken head’(lol). Something like that, just so it’s not ‘fatal hit’ every time.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hi the XBIGXogre, and thank you for great review. We are happy to hear that you liked our game. :)

LukeTheGreat69 ,

It was so close to being perfect

This game is great, just like all other motionvolt games it runs smooth and barley glitches, best of all it doesn’t run too many ads and doesn’t require you to spend any money to get a good character. My complaint is that you have next to no control over what your character does, you can’t control how many flips he does or what kind of flips he does, you only control when he decides to land unlike other games by MV where you have close to full control over what your character does in the air. Overall it’s a good game and I really like the new pixel style they went for.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hi LukeTheGreat69, And thank you for solid review! We are glad that you like Backflipper and give us feedback on our games. Backflipper is our approach to casual games and casual players so that's why it's controls are more simpler and gameplay easier. Keep on flipping! :)

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