Backpacker är en helt ny typ av frågesportspel som kombinerar frågesport, trivia och äventyr!

Svara på frågor om Frihetsgudinnan i New York, Eiffeltornet i Paris eller ta ett jobb som Disneyfantast, Dykare eller varför inte Geografilärare.

Olika städer ger olika trivia frågor att klara av.

Det är det mest äventyrliga frågesportspelet du kan hitta!
- Utmana dina kunskaper inom frågesportspel
- Spinn frågesporthjulet för spännande trivia kategorier
- Res till 50+ städer och klara av utmanande trivia frågor
- Roliga minispel för en avkoppling från frågesport
- Tjäna pengar till nya spännande resor
- Samla på souvenirer från varje stad
- Hemliga belöningar
- Ständigt uppdaterat med nya städer och förbättringar för en bättre spelupplevelse.
- Få 5 stadsstjärnor i varje stad för klara av den, klarar du alla städer?

Spela och bemästra detta trivia äventyr samtidigt som du reser runt jorden och blir allmänbildad på samma gång!

Backpacker är gjort med en rejäl dos kärlek, vi tar din underhållning på största allvar.

Vi bryr oss om dina tankar. Gå till och låt oss veta vad du tycker!

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Some items in the app require Backpacker Premium, such as no waiting time when traveling. Backpacker Premium is a weekly auto-renewing subscription at $3.49.

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Version 1.8.5

Welcome to another great update of Backpacker!

- Minor bugfixes and improvements.

Betyg och recensioner

4.5 av 5
4 tn betyg

4 tn betyg

cmc056 ,


Love the game and it is addicting. I gave this low rating because first there is no instruction you have to muddle your way through the game. I just found out that there is a place to fill out your passport to register your email address. Did not know this until I tried to contact the company to ask a question. Received an error message that there was no record of email. I went to passbook but could not fine page to fill out to register email. Guess I am screwed since I cannot find how to fill out the passbook. I can not ask a question because email not registered.
Addition to review since you cannot send a second review as I said before fun game, very addicting. My complaint is once you finished a city ready to move to next city the transportation to the next destination does not appear. Even though you have enough tickets or money. So your choices are hanging around answering repeated questions. Or go to the closest city and hang around answering question hope the city you want to go comes up. Wasting time and money. Once you have finished current city the transportation to new city should appear. I agree with the jobs not being able to perform the job and being denied all jobs. Plus the questions on sports I don’t care who hit the most home runs. Also the memory expert is terrible need to replace. I know someone who loves this game but because of a disability they cannot do the memory game.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

Hi Cmc056,

Thanks for the review and very good feedback!

The e-mail is registered in the passport under the profile-tab up to the left, or by using the arrows to go far to the left will also take you to the profil tab.

We will look into implementing a better understanding about how to book the next trip to the next city after a city is completed. At the moment, you can travel directly to the next city from the globe view by doing as this:

1. Click on the globe view.
2. Click on the city in the list you want to go to.
3. Choose Travel Directly.

This will take you to the city directly if it is unlocked, if it is locked you can unlock it for Backpacker Tickets.

Would be awesome if you could contact us on our Facebook page for giving us more feedback!

Thanks for playing Backpacker! We wish you all the luck on your journey. /The Backpacker Team

Marcuskb13 ,

MY FAVORITE SUBJECT OF ALL TIME... Besides science, of course.

Guys, you should SO make a school addition because more kids should know about the things that are in the game. Can you add religions to the game because I am Christian but I also have respect for the Catholic Church because they believe in God and the Holy Bible. But I disagree VERY strongly with religions that don't believe in the Bible or God but if I saw them In person I would have respect for them, I also know a bit of the religion of the Egyptians, Confucianism, and would like to learn about Catholics and Islam although I don't believe or follow Muslims or Catholics (which I understand that they believe in God but what they also believe in like Mary, Queen of Heaven, and all others which they call brothers, sisters, I think cousins and fathers. That is the only thing I don't believe or understand. Can you teach us all about that stuff in an update please?

korslvr22 ,

Fun world trivia, but jobs are too reliant on sports knowledge.

I really like this trivia game and have been playing for a while. I enjoy the different city questions that are specific to country or the city your in but my biggest complaint comes from the jobs and diplomas section.

First off it's so frustrating to call and apply to 5 available jobs and get turned down to all of them which has happened to me more times than I can count especially since that's where you earn the most money. On top of that the games alogrithims turn you down 70% of the time if you're trying to do an 'Expert' level one but you can guarantee that it will let you into do the ‘Astronaut- Junior’ job every time! No ones wants to do the same job over and over again, especially the ‘game’ jobs. The astronaut junior one comes up 80% of my days and the game automatically loses its appeal.

Second major disappointment in the jobs and diplomas is that it’s so heavy handed with sports trivia. Not everyone likes sports and when only 5 are available each day and 4/5 are sports related it's also no longer fun to spend energy on questions you can't answer correctly because you don't know names of every sports legend. I know this game allows you to submit other jobs and diplomas but I'm not necessarily good at coming up with trivia questions so it would be nice if the game would provide something more than baseball, football, tennis, sportscasters, and soccer jobs the majority of game.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

Hi korslvr22, Thanks for the review.We will do whatever it takes to make it work better for you.Thanks for playing Backpacker! /The Backpacker Team


Qiiwi Games AB
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Kräver iOS 9.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.


svenska, danska, engelska, norska bokmål, tyska

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