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Barbie and her friends are excited you're here and can't wait to show off all their fun fashions. Play with makeup, select fun hairdos, and pick from hundreds of tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes. Once you're done dressing up your favorite character, snap a picture in front of one of the many backgrounds in a stylish pose!

With your help, Barbie and her friends will be the most stylish crew around. We can’t wait to see what you dream up and create!

CHARACTERS. Style Barbie, Nikki, Rene, Teresa, and their friends to create cute fashionable looks.

HAIR & MAKEUP. Choose between a bun, ponytail, braid, and many more hairdos to fit your style. You can even color your model’s hair. Apply magical makeup to pull your look together!

OUTFIT. Select trendy tops, bottoms, or chic dresses with hundreds of outfit combinations to become the ultimate fashion trendsetter.

PHOTOSHOOT. Strike a pose and snap pictures of your design to become the fashion influencer you were meant to be. Bring your creation to life with the AR feature, allowing you to take pictures alongside Barbie and her friends! 

COLLECT. Win collectible fashion items or unlock fun surprises by logging in daily or through incredible purchase packs.
Have fun with your friends playing Barbie™ Fashion Closet!

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Version 2.10

Hi Fashionistas! We have a pretty fantastic update for you!

-Cutie alert! Another one of Barbie’s softest and fluffiest animal friends with its own unique fashions has arrived- Cutie Reveal Panda is now available!
-Strike a pose and show off your style with the new Red Carpet Looks challenge, play today!

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4,1 sur 5
8,2 k notes

8,2 k notes

⚽️⚽️🏀🏀⚽️⚽️🏀🏀 ,

It’s good and all but…….

I know you added new stuff and all and that’s great but I don’t get why you have to pay to get something some people can only afford so little and they just wanna have fun on these games so I don’t get why you have to pay money just to have fun on a game with a new Barbie. Why do people have to pay so much money I know it’s only like three dollars and four dollars but to some people that’s a lot I just don’t want it’s not that I don’t respect it I’m just not happy about it I love playing this game but if that doesn’t change I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to delete it and this four star review it’s gonna turn into a one star review please write back Jordan C

over and over again2 ,

Okay, it’s not the best…

Don’t judge, I know, I am not five years old and I play with barbies, but your never too old for barbies! Anyways, when I saw this game I was like “OMG A GAME THAT INVOLVES BARBIES!” and downloaded it right away. Dressing up my first few barbies was a great experience and I loved the game! But I got really obsessed with a certain clothing and then used it all the time. Then the game got really boring because I was constantly dressing up my dolls in the same outfit. I tried to tear my obsession outta my big noggin, but I couldn’t, and it looked really weird when I put on other outfits. So what I’m suggesting here is that you should add new clothing every week or so because if you don’t people will get obsessed and never actually see the point of the game! (Solution to an obsession: Quit playing the game for a month or two then come back. You will either forget about the little”mishap” you had or other clothes looks normal again!)

My next suggestion is that after dressing up a doll there’s a “Play Area” mode where you can play with your barbies. Also, in that mode, you should be able to accessorize different aged barbies so you can make a family! Also, when you edit the photo album, you should not keep the old photo because when you edit a photo it duplicates and you also keep the old photo with no edits. Then you don’t really feel like your editing a photo.


hi mtjfhgftjgtkfr)vfjgf ,

Neeeeds a update 🤭😅

Love the game but I really need to update and I can’t help it anyway this game is really nice but there’s so much people that are locked and I need those people☹️ so if you could you could update the game and maybe let the game give some people if that’s possible because I just got this game and I can’t wait for an update if you guys do get updates also if you could add some more stuff that would be very nice but otherwise I love this game love love Love love love this game so thank you for making it and thank you for everything I am so happy I’m going to share it with my dad and my mom otherwise I don’t know what I would be doing right now if I didn’t have this game I’ll just be looking at all my other games thank you for this game thaaaaaaank you

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