Baseball Superstars® 2012, Ultimate Smart Baseball Experience

"Baseball Superstars 2012 is engaging in all the right ways. The core gameplay mechanics are incredibly easy to learn, but not so easy to master." - (4/5 Stars) Toucharcade.com

"There is literally something here for everyone in Baseball Superstars 2012." - (4/4 Stars) Slidetoplay.com

"It’s a very nicely executed freemium title that offers a ton of gameplay without having to purchase in-app upgrades. Baseball fans will love it." (4/5 Stars) -148apps.com

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Step up to the plate for the best baseball experience on the App Store, now looking better than ever before in crisp HD! The sky's the limit with level restrictions unlocked, upgraded batting and pitching moves, endless customization, new super players and more play modes. Whether managing a team to the championship or training a rookie to the Hall of Fame, you're in control of it all.

Join the series that's been downloaded over 30 million times by players worldwide with Baseball Superstars® 2012!

See more, play better – Enhanced details and clarity make an eye-opening ballgame optimized for Retina displays.

New gesture and tilt controls allow intuitive pitching and batting. Smart AI teammates make exciting baseball plays, split-second catches and laser-precision throws.

Customize your team logo, stadium, uniform and equipment. Recruit, combine and level up players to assemble the best team.

Train to earn skill points, new special moves and stat-boosting nicknames as you rise from rookie to Superstar.

Go up against other users' teams around the world in PVP matches.

Meet the challenges of new super players to have them join your team. Go after the multiple story endings and over 30 Game Center achievements.

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- Support for iOS 11

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1.5만개의 평가

1.5만개의 평가

CB8BD14 ,

Favorite Gamevil Game

I have played this game for a while and if anyone is still playing it today like I am(playing on my iPad), I have some advice. Yes this game is hard at first and it is tough to get good. My advice is to earn G points for your my batter, do the team mode and play in the easy tournament. If you win the tournament you get 500 total points, not including what you earn during the games. It takes some time but it is worth it. After you save about 20,000 pts. Spend it on the momma's lunch on your batter. I find the best build is the speed build because once your fast enough you can run past bases between pickles and get a HR every time as long as it is a hit and you get a cycle easily within 45 games( make cycle a yearly goal every time!). And if you have a bad game? Stop and restart the game( double tap and swipe up to remove the data on the game) and you can start the game over until you get the result you want. I know this is difficult but it is worth it! My favorite game to play and I love it. Also, by the end of the 10 yr career. You should make a profit from the 20,000 G point investment! There's so much more advice I can give but this is basically just the surface and the easiest way to get started! So, please try it out, don't be discouraged by how hard it is at first and have fun! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

JakeRtRgreen ,

Challenging, Love the RPG style character building, endless gameplay

Really well made game. So many different tasks, challenges, and different ways you can play. I would recommend starting off in pitcher mode, start working on your batter in between. It takes time to build an elite player and it’s difficult, but you’ll get there. When pitching aim for the corners, mix your pitches, and throw balls between some of your strikes. For batting you need a well rounded player, but I think it’s best to put more into your power. Work on your timing and eventually you’ll start to learn how long certain pitches take to get to the plate. It’s okay to take some strikes if they’re not easy to hit in the sweet spot. Once you have your elite pitcher and/or batter you can use them to farm G-Points in order to recruit better players for your team. This is the name of the game. Farm G-Points, recruit, create an elite lineup so you can rake your self out of jams, recruit your pitchers to add in with your main guy, start buying some items for your guys, repeat. The better you get the more fun and satisfying the game gets. It’s hard to run out of things to do and even if you do the replay value seems like it would be fun too. I do wish you could start new batters or pitchers(individually) without erasing your old player, but it’s a great game. Good luck. Hope this helps.

Pls-36 ,

Pls make a new one

Hey can you revitalize the baseball superstars 20XX series? This is what you should comment to gamevill's social medias.
I recently went back to play the 2012 instillation into the series and had a lot of fun with it. The mechanics where if you don't train in certain area then you get a massive debug was a bit irritating, especially with the length of time it takes to remove it without getting other debuffs. I think in the current large waifu-based mobile market a new 2019 instillation would do great. I don't think the direction the 2013 instillation took the series was a good one, especially because it was the last one in the series for all I know. The extra currency besides the standard money is a great fit for profit. I know this comment is falling on deaf ears but I've tried other games similar to it, but nothing compares to the amazing blend of dating sim and sports game that was baseball superstars 2012. It's a great game and I'd think there is some profit in making a new one. I hope you at least consider it.

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