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Ethan Co., Ltd.


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Hi and welcome aboard the Basketball 1 on 1 community!

We bet that what led you here is your passion for playing basketball and that you enjoy playing it as much as we do. Tell us… Don’t you?

For that matter, how would you evaluate your most recent 1on1 results going?

If you want to …
… test your level against new opponents
… watch your skills through a video and improve your game

… increase your motivation thanks to a follow-up of your daily videos

this app is the perfect match!

The Basketball 1on1 app saves the videos and results of each 1on1 match received. Then, it determines the players' overall ranking thanks to the data collected from registered players from all over the world.

Have you ever wondered who was the world's best 1 on 1 player?

Join the Basketball 1 on 1 community and let's find out if that could be you!

Step 1
Download our app and register as a player.

Step 2
Look for an opponent to play with.
* You can send a match request using the search function *

Step 3
Select the type of match you want to use

>Official Match: Sends the score and video from your smartphone.
>Practice Match: Sends the score from your smartphone.

Step 4
Bring your smartphones together, shake them to connect with each other and verify your identities.

>Official Match: Sets your smartphones for recording videos.
>Practice Match: This mode doesn’t require settings

Now …. Game on !

Step 5
Input the information about your match (score, comments, etc. )

Step 6
Bring your smartphones together again, shake them to connect with each other and verify your identities and and check the similarity of your scores.

>Official Match: Sends the 1on1 results (scores / videos) from your smartphone.
>Practice Match: Sends your results (scores) from your smartphone.

Step 7
Your results will be calculated in comparison to all of our players from all over the world.You can check the rankings per categories and areas on both our app and official website ( )

Step 8
A monthly ranking will be announced at the end of every month.

Step 9
An annual ranking will be announced at the end of every year.
The highest ranked players (1st place to 3rd place) in each category will receive some bonus point. The best player can expect to receive 100,000 JPY prize ( about 900 USD)

Sounds exciting. Doesn’t it? So let’s go ahead send us your match now!


バージョン 2.6.4

Fixed display corruption by iOS13.






Best basketball game. Awesome graphics and gameplay.

Captain sparow

Fun 1 on 1 ball

This one is a hidden gem, find a basketball fan and play some local multiplayer basketball, good fun and hard to find anything comparable!


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