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Baucast 是一款简洁的播客客户端,能为你带来全新的收听体验。

- 轻松管理订阅来源

- 不错过每一个喜欢的瞬间跟灵感

- 简洁的设计,方便易用

- 多款应用图标可供切换

- 支持iOS 13及深色模式


版本 1.3.4



4.2(满分 5 分)
13 个评分

13 个评分


Love the recording feature

Pros: can record 20 second clips (now I forget I can’t do that for every app I use!) to make a notes on episodes, fave episode moments, create numerous podcast lists with different icons, rearrange lists, search for podcasts, see what you’re subscribed to. The recording feature and flexibility of the app is what sold it to me. LARGE podcast selection. Usually able to search within podcasts for individual episodes by description and title.

Cons: main issue is unable to easily share podcast episodes with others. I try to share a link, but it sends to the App Store (I think there is a way to send a link to Baucast’s site, but it’s not super easy; I understand why but it honestly is a significant con since the app is otherwise so interactive). Cannot search individual episodes (and sometimes even podcasts unless exactly phrased) in larger search engine, and browsing is limited. Might be nice to be able to record longer notes; problems rearranging lists especially when moving an episode down. Cannot close what is playing except occasionally via glitch. Sometimes has problems streaming.

So, Baucast is a bit glitchy and not always smooth, but it has SO many features and I love its variability. (I even enjoy changing the icon.)

Edit: Thank you for responding! I see that you have been periodically updating and improving, which is great. ^_^


Hello Elleoneriram,

Thanks for using Baucast. We appreciate your preference on our app especially the audio notes and playlist, that's also our personal top of needs for a podcast player, great to know that you like them the same.

We'd explain how the share function is working. When you are sharing an episode, the client-end generates a web link prefilled the parameters of the episode, if your correspondents have Baucast installed, once the link has been clicked, the episode should be opened directly by the app. If your correspondents don't have the Baucast app, they will open the web player hosted by the Baucast's website.

Moreover, you can share your playlist. Similar to the episode, but via an XML file. Your correspondents could have your custom playlist imported on their Baucast app. You need to left-swipe the playlist item to reveal the Share action.

So if you and your correspondents are all using Baucast, there should be no problem with sharing. But if you are looking for an inter podcast-players sharing, it's not so easy.

Thanks for reporting the issues you had with the playlist, mini-player, and the glitchy, we will verify the causes and fix if there are problems on the code side. Also for the search, we've been looking for a solution, expect a better search experience later, we will see. But longer record notes is definitely a brilliant idea, we will put it onto our roadmap.

Thanks again for sending us this long message! It's good to know our product helped your listening. Let us know if you have more problems by using Baucast, we will keep you updated for the bug fixing.


The Baucast team

Zeus cordero

We need library export

Love the app! Could you possibly look into an export library feature. I would love to be able
To keep my library exported and even have different versions of it. I think library management is a key feature missing in modern podcast apps and I would love to see it in yours since I enjoy the rest of the experience so much.


We will support library export soon, thx for your reply




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