Beat Mirror uses your device's built-in microphone to detect musical tempo in real-time. Set a target tempo with the special tap-for-tempo feature and then start the music. A real-time graph of your tempo will appear right away, allowing you to scroll through your tempo history and see trends. Perfect for musicians looking to build their internal rhythm, or to see the tempo of their favorite songs in real-time!

"Beat Mirror truly is simplicity at its finest. That quality is missing from most apps who try to cram too many features into one app thus making it difficult to use and many times buggy. We feel like your app is VERY good. We're reviewing Beat Mirror and it will be a part of the next show. It's got nothing but thumbs up!" - Phil Smith of "Drummer's Weekly Groovecast" (podcast)

"When I first heard about Beat Mirror, I was kind of skeptical but after trying it out for weeks now and playing with it everyday, I'm mindblown. Alex really wanted to put a focus on helping drummers improve their internal clock and I really think he's done so." - Richard Ducat of "Drummers I Like" (podcast)

"Overall, this app is so quick and simple to use, there's not really an excuse as to why you wouldn't use it during practice sessions, just to see how you’re improving. If you're a drummer, having an app on your phone or tablet like Beat Mirror just makes sense." - Laura Barnes of MI-PRO (

Good music needs good rhythm. But learning to stay on beat—learning to groove—isn't always easy. Build your inner metronome with Beat Mirror and catch yourself when you're speeding up or slowing down. Here’s what Beat Mirror has to offer:
- Wide tempo range. Tempo detection between 40 bpm and 208 bpm.
- Fast. Detects tempo quickly and accurately.
- Flexible. Accurate across time signatures (e.g., 4/4, 6/8) and rhythm styles (e.g., swing).
- Real-time, scrollable graph. Displays current tempo and tempo history in real-time.
- Easy-to-read interface. Optimized for various light environments, such as stages and practice spaces.
- Tap pad. A special tap pad lets you set a target tempo easily and intuitively.
- Custom count-in. Beat Mirror gives you an optional count-in before you start playing.
- Versatile. Perfect for solo practice, band rehearsals, recorded music, and you can even use it at concerts!

- Avoid handling your device during tempo measurement.
- Be mindful of competing noise near the device's microphone (e.g., conversation, typing).
- Unplug any headphones with a built-in microphone.

- "Target Tempo." Beat Mirror is aimed at musicians and bands looking to build their internal rhythm and musical skills. With that in mind, you are prompted for a "target tempo" (the tempo you're aiming for) prior to tempo detection. To ensure highly accurate results, the detection range is limited to roughly ±20% of your target tempo. (Tempos outside of this range will not be detected.)
- Recorded music. To detect the tempo of recorded music using Beat Mirror, follow these steps:
1) Play a song from your favorite music player app using the device speaker (i.e., unplug your headphones). Or, play the song from a different device altogether.
2) Open Beat Mirror and set a rough target tempo by tapping along.
3) The song's precise tempo will then be displayed in real-time.

Questions about Beat Mirror? Please don't hesitate to get in touch at alex[at]tenkettles[dot]com. Happy practicing! -Alex

What’s New

Version 2.2.2

New in this update:
• Two more count-in options (12 beats, 16 beats)
• The count-in now counts up, rather than down: 1, 2, 3, 4…
• After some users reported a distracting lag, the tap pad sound effect has been disabled
Questions, comments, feedback? Get in touch anytime at alex[at]tenkettles[dot]com. -Alex

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

JS_1970 ,

Delivering the Beat w Instant Feedback using Beat Mirror

A metronome is fine when I need to RECEIVE a steady mechanical beat but I needed an app which I can DELIVER my internal beat to and receive instant feedback of how accurately (or inaccurately) I perform on drums (or guitars).

Beat Mirror is exactly as advertised! I’m now able to truly find out how steady my drum meter is by opening this app, setting my Target Speed in BPM, clicking play, follow my optional Count In, and start drumming! This app is extremely simplistic to use with unlimited upside and worth every penny of the bargain price tag. I’ve practiced with it for over 7 real time hours since purchasing it yesterday so it’s already paid for itself many times over.

As far as Customer Care, I reached out to the Designer with a few enhancement ideas/suggestions yesterday and he responded to me immediately, that’s how you take care of customers!

I highly recommend Beat Mirror to any level drummer or musician who wants instant feedback when DELIVERING the beat whether in a practice session, a live jam, or for on-stage performances.

Practicing with a metronome is fine when you want a mechanical click to do all of the difficult work for you, keep steady time. However, if you truly want to become a steady drummer and develop your internal clock, Beat Mirror is what you need!

sfox.drums ,

Love It!

I am a drummer, and have been using this both with my iPhone, and with my iPad. Recently I connected the iPad to the wall mounted TV in my studio so the other band members can see what used to be only visible to me. After I first installed it on my iPhone I was at a concert, and I noticed the band was playing to a sequencer. I fired it up, tapped in the target tempo, and bam! BeatMirror showed the tempo and did not waver one bit, as should be expected. When the band resumed playing without the sequencer, the displayed tempo varied appropriately. Most gigging bands are pretty tight, so there wasn’t much variance, like +/- 2/3/4 bpm - which was expected. I’m very happy with it!

B'bba ,

Great tool for improving tempo

As an adult drum student, I'm always striving to improve my groove and my stability of tempo. Beat Mirror does a great job of tracking my tempo, giving me a realtime graph of my played tempo. What is remarkable is that whether I play 16ths, or triplets (12ths), or quintuplets (20ths?) it follows without a hiccup.

The developers are wonderful, very friendly and responsive. Not that I had any issues, I just emailed a suggestion for a future version, and they were very receptive and genuinely excited about what they are doing!!


Ten Kettles Inc.
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Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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