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Discover Bilbao as you had never done before through virtual reality. Immerse yourself in the most emblematic locations of the city from a totally new perspective and take a look at them as if you were sightseeing, walk through its streets, admire its buildings and discover its secrets.
From the combination of tradition and innovation of the new San Mamés stadium to the heart of the “Botxo” that beats with the diversity of every terrace in Plaza Nueva, breathe the solemnity of the Santiago Cathedral or be dazzled by the rich colours and shapes of Azkuna Zentroa.
Enjoy the night and day contrast of lights from the irregular titanium walls of the Guggenheim museum and the echoes that the shapes of the stranded Palacio Euskalduna project on the river next to the rusty red of the Carola, a meaningful trace of our naval past.


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