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The binary puzzle games as you will find them in your daily newspaper or puzzle book.

Also labeled as the new sudoku's.

We offer you endless binary fun with different puzzle sizes and difficulties.

Place the binary values 0 & 1 in the empty fields of the grid while keeping these rules in mind...

- A value can not appear more than two times next to each other.
- Each row or column should have an equal amount of 0's and 1's.
- Each row or column should be unique and not appear more than once.

Long pressing a cell will lock it and it will have different color as indicator.

Use the lock icon to lock the current cells.

Clicking on the exclamation mark /!\ will toggle error highlighting which is usefull for beginners to understand the game.

Use the disk icon to store the current board state.
Use the arrows next to the disk icon to move between the stored board states.
Current board state is saved when swithching apps and you will continue that level at the next run of the app.

The user code to sync your scores over different devices can be retrieved by long pressing the logo in the main menu.
There you can send the by by sms/email/... or retrieving the user code file under the app's document folder in iTunes.


Version 1.76

Privacy policy added to the app.
Icon bar has been made multi page to give more room to the icons.
Improved info screen with an example on how to solve a puzzle.

Notes et avis

5.0 sur 5
2 notes

2 notes

Quillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ,

Love it!

I found this game in a puzzle book and I immediately loved it. It's fun and addictive and it really gets you thinking. I suggest it to anyone who likes logic puzzles or sudoku or if you're just bored.

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Aucun détail fourni

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