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Black Highlighter is an app that makes it easy to hide secret information you don't want to share in images you're going to share anyway.

Hide people's names, e-mail addresses, embarrassing music choices, and more with just the click of your mouse.

Using the Magic Highlighter, get beautiful, even, complete hiding of text in screenshots and photos. Or switch the magic off to hide anything behind your own scribbles.


版本 23.0

Black Highlighter 23.0 introduces support for redacting text at any angle. Even if you didn't get the perfect scan or photo, Black Highlighter can now find text in your image and hide it.

This release also adds additional error logging to help me keep on top of common errors like this.


4.9(满分 5 分)
7 个评分

7 个评分



It does what it claims to do. What differentiates it from just using “markup” in the photos app is the magic highlighter, which is awesome. Thanks!


Needs something

I think this would be a great app, but it won’t acknowledge all my photos. I can have 100 photos in my camera roll, but when I get ready to upload one to edit, it only recognizes like...20 of them...and one of the ones it doesn’t recognize is the one I want to edit, which is most always a text shot. Which is counterproductive bc text is what it’s made to black out. If this problem is addressed I will be glad to change my review.


Hello! I know it's been a long time since you left your review, but I'm happy to say that Black Highlighter now does what you've asked for and recognizes *all* images in your photo library, both screenshots and photos alike. I'd love it if you took the time to check it out again.



Crashes non-stop on iOS 13

This appears to only happen with certain photos. On the photos where it works, it does a really good job. The app will show a shimmer animation over the text and will easily censor that text when you swipe over it. However, there are a couple photos which appear to cause the app to run out of memory and crash the app.

This app doesn’t work on iOS 13. It crashes if I invoke it from the photo album and it hangs when I use the app directly.

Do not buy until they fix it.


Hey there! App developer here.

I’m aware of the issue where the app crashes often when launched from the photo album. Unfortunately, it’s a technical issue I can’t do much to work around. I’m considering dropping the feature altogether since it’s a bad experience. The latest version introduced a different editing experience that should work more reliably, but it’s less straightforward to get to:

1. Select a photo in Photos
2. Tap “Edit” in the top right
3. Tap the three dots button in the top right
4. Select Highlighter in the list that appears

As for the hanging issue, I’m not familiar with it. If you have more information about it, can you share it with me at I can also add you to our beta program to check out possible fixes if you’re interested.


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