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BodiMetrics Performance Monitor App is designed to work seamlessly with the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor Device, the only device on the market that measures the most vital health metrics in just 20 seconds from the palm of your hand.

The Performance Monitor streams your data to this app, providing an easy and accurate way to record, view and share your body performance data with family, trainers or trusted advisors.

BodiMetrics is Healthkit enabled. This allows you to stream your measurements to Apple's Health app giving you the power to create a more comprehensive personal fitness profile.

BodiMetrics records and tracks the following body performance data:

Heart Activity
Monitor your heart rate and rhythm with real-time display
of beats per minute and Heart Rate Zone

Blood Oxygen
Oximeter data accurately shows the percentage of oxygen
in your blood. Vital info for athletes, fitness buffs and anyone
concerned about your blood oxygen level

Fitness Activity
Pedometer readings count your steps as you go about your daily
activity or jogging/walking exercise routine

Systolic Blood Pressure
Our proprietary logarithms calculate your systolic blood pressure
keeping track over time

Body temperature is easily captured in seconds with the BodMmetrics
Performance Monitor and streamed to the app for easy reference

Relaxation Monitor
Train yourself to relax by following the relaxation coach on the
performance device, then upload instantly to the app for review.
Keeps track of your daily stress level and helps you control
your breathing to relax.

Data is time and date stamped to provide a comprehensive history of your body’s performance. Charts and graphs give you a snapshot of your vital metrics at-a -glance.

BodiMetrics Mobile App Features

-Bluetooth connectivity with Bodimetric’s Performance Monitor device
-Progressive charts track your data over time
-Desirable range specifications
-Take a multiple readings of different vitals at one time
-Data is stored in your personal profile
-Stress reduction with Relax Me exercises
-Share vital data with the tap of a finger
-Enable Healthkit to upload your data to Apple Health
-Update your Performance Monitor on the fly with Device Update
-Save snapshots of your measurements to your phone or share them via email

BodiMetrics is a must-have for anyone in need of quick accurate and portable body performance information when and where you need it.


版本 2.4.0

1. Add "BP" function.
2. Add "See My Trend" function.
3. Improve user experience.


1.9(满分 5 分)
9 个评分

9 个评分


Deleted all my offline data/reports

After doing a Performance Monitor Device Update via this app, all offline Bodimetrics data & reports stored on my phone has been deleted, without warning. Also it would be nice if the ECG would show up in Apple's Health App versus just in the Bodimetrics app.


It crashes on my iPhone. Useless...

Crashes on my freshly updated and restarted iPhone 6.

I had been using the device and app for a while, and am now (hoping) to restart using it.

However, the screen goes black right after uploading data from the device.

Very disappointing... this is an expensive device and can be very useful, but not if it crashes.

Please fix.



Won’t run on my iPhone X.

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