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BodyFoodWeight is a food diary app with meal plan integration.

Aimed for long lasting eating habits improvement, BodyFoodWeight is a:
- body weight monitor
- food diary
- food analysis tool
- meal plan generator app

With easy add to diary solution, it will give you the necessary insight on your eating habits. You will get the resources to make the necessary changes and reach your weight and nutrition targets.

Forget about proteins, fats, carbs, information, relevant for nutritionist but not for most of us and start using other our meaningful information: look at where are your calories coming from.
We worked out a way to use tangible characteristics - food weight and food categories. Users will have visibility over WHAT and HOW MUCH do they eat and the means to act in an efficient way.

BodyFoodWeight does not rely on large food databases and due to our different approach will be easy to adjust to your personal food preferences and local food availability.

The app will give you information about your food structure with with emphasis on the ratio between plant and other categories. Knowing how much of your diet (calories amount) are plant based and how much came from other sources is one of the easiest solution to understand the "health" of your diet. We do not promote a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle - that is your decision to take - we just encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Body Food Wight will convert quantity of food in calories and convert your calories target in food quantity. This is the way you will receive your meal plan. So the only thing you have to do is use a food scale.

With every meal data you introduced you will get a more complex image of your diet, being able to track back in time, for weeks and months:
- how many calories you consume during a day and during every meal
- how many calories you get form every food group
- how much of the calories you get form plants and how many from other than plant sources
- how does daily calories variation affect your body weight

Using previously consumed meals statistics - you will be able to set:
- meal and daily calories target
- food composition targets

BodyFoodWeight app will prepare meal plans so you will know what to eat and in what quantities.
Your progress will be monitored in real time providing visual and numerical information.

Body Food Weight app integrates with the Health app [it collects only information about Weight at the moment].

Terms & Conditions: https://bfw.nogravity.io/terms-condition#welcome

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Ocen: 21

Alberto_Effertz_LA ,

Very useful app.

I believe that fiber is a very important. They advise people to have at least 40% of the calories from plants in order to get the sufficient fiber. I started at 15% plant based but I am increasing, eventually I will get the minimum 40%. The app is calculating the plant based calories in what you eat and also in your categories share target. I recommend this app as it helps you improve your general nutrition knowledge.

Misty Terry ,

Fantastic app.

Very easy to use app, changing my habits was the hard work. The app has charts about what how much you eat by categories. Having this image in front of me helped me a lot. I started to eat more food with fewer calories. When I became aware about the major difference between calories in every food group I started to change my eating habits slowly but consistently.

Whow2000 ,


I always wanted an app to track calories that would allow me to introduce my own cooked meals, based on my own recipes. The best feature in my opinion is the possibility of storing and reusing the meal recipes. Is nice also that you will know the calories in your meal before putting it into the plate - of course some of the best are the heaviest in calories.


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