- 48 livelli (+ 13 segreti!)
- grafica dei classici platform 16bit
- 5 ambientazioni differenti
- un sacco di power-ups!
- 22 tipi di nemici

Bor è un vichingo al quale hanno rapito le sue 60 mogli, aiutalo a ritrovarle tutte!
Viaggia attraverso foreste e castelli pieni di mostri, sconfiggili tutti e riporta a casa le tue mogli!
Salta, combatti, lancia asce e utilizza i power-ups per distruggere i mostri!

Sarà dura, durissima, folle! Solo Bor è abbastanza matto per riuscire in quest’avventura!

Valutazioni e recensioni

2.4 su 5
5 valutazioni

5 valutazioni

Irishrockdoc ,

Hard to control and physically limiting

I had a hard time figuring out the controls, but eventually found that the A button is for left, the D button is for right, the space bar is to jump and the B button is to fire an axe.

In Level 4, I found a glitch. When Bor gets to the first drop off, if Bor falls off and is launched up by the initial life saver, you can direct Bor up and left, to run the top of the board all the way left to get to the beginning of the level. Bor drops off the left edge of the beginning of the level and can not jump back in to play.

I got to Level 5 in the first set called Highlands. Level 5 is physically impossible… I do not mean mentally impossible. I mean, physically impossible! Bor can not jump up to two different blocks even with using the double jump, that are necessary to venture further. It was at this point that I gave up on the game. It is a shame too; as though yes it is a blatant rip off of Super Mario Bros, I still enjoyed the game, up to Level 5.

emilmclark ,

Can’t play….

Can’t play cause I can’t change the controller options. I have to use my mouse (touch pad) and the space bar plus I had to just click random buttons to find out how to fight. Would love an option to change the controller to my arrow keys. Seems like an awesome game but way too hard to play with my touch pad.

FUBARinDetroit ,

No instructions

How do you play? I clicked all over the screen and very little happened. Bor moved a couple of times but not in any meaningful way. I tried a PS4 controller and that produced no results. The support site did not help.


Federico Bigliocca
35.6 MB

OS X 10.7 o versioni più recenti, 64-bit processor



Rara/Moderata violenza in cartoni animati o fantasy


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