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Bowling by Jason Belmonte – это боулинг-игра от чемпиона мира по боулингу. Скачай игру прямо сейчас и играй в боулинг с друзьями, любителями боулинга и даже профессиональными игроками по всему миру!

Ты узнаешь, чем боулинговые шары отличаются друг от друга, как бросать страйки и как выбить максимальный счет. Сам чемпион мира будет тренировать тебя в игре!

За привычным свайпом стоит настоящая боулинговая физика, которая повторяет движения шара, его поведение на дорожке и разлет кегель в реальном боулинге. Мы постарались сделать максимально реалистичную цифровую версию нашей любимой игры, настоящий тренажер по боулингу.
- Боулинговые шары от лучшего производителя, которые ведут себя в игре точно так же, как на реальной дорожке
- Реальных брендовые масла с их настоящими параметрами
- Ежедневные турниры
- И бесплатные призы

В игре представлены 3 режима: 1 - пробуй разные шары на разных маслах в Практике, 2 - кидай шары с боулерами по всему миру в PvP, 3 - становить про и выигрывай Турниры!
В игре учтены все аспекты реального боулинга - изучай их, и твоя игра будет становиться увлекательнее с каждым новым разлоченным шаром и маслом.
Следи за новостями на нашей страничке Facebook https://www.facebook.com/belmo.bowling/
Если у тебя возникли проблемы с игрой, напиши нам на support@wannaplay.studio.

Качай игру, тренируйся онлайн, повышай свои скиллы и становись крутым боулером не только в игре, но и на настоящей дорожке!

Команда разработчиков Bowling by Jason Belmonte

Что нового

Версия 1.845

- New Bowling Clash seasons are added.

Enjoy the game even more!

Оценки и отзывы

4.6 из 5
Оценок: 7 тыс.

Оценок: 7 тыс.

djdrewsie ,

Best bowling game

Very accurate ball motion, shapes, pin action, oil patterns. Everything is on point. Would love to see lanes change over the course of a game. Other ball brands is a pipe dream but it would be cool to roll other brands. Would love to see more oil patterns down the road. Also a more interactive chat would be cool. I would love to play some of my friends and talk some serious smack. Much like we do when we bowl in leagues.

Only complaint I have is sometimes it takes forever to find a player in 1v1. After a while it finds bots to play but perhaps there could be a setting to only play bots but gain less experience. Or even a campaign mode similar to the PBA bowling game. Also, this game crushes the PBA game in every aspect. Very addicting and a great tool to educate yourself off the lanes. It becomes fun playing different parts of the lane and drilling the equipment to have the ball walk into the pocket. A very large learning curve but once you get the hang of it it is hard to exit.

Since 12.2 iOS the app doesn’t open

Ответ разработчика ,

Hi there! It's great you're enjoying it! And you got the whole point! It's an actual tool to train and it's a lot of fun! We've just added a new room with new Navigation oil patterns. We'll be updating the game with new Storm balls, that's a given and our plan is to bring Roto Grip into the game next. As for the time you hav to wait, we're aware of this issue and will fix it soon to make it even more enjoyable. Stay tuned for the updates!

George Chewens ,

My opinion

This game is just flat THE BEST bowling simulator on the market. There’s huge potential between the players and the developers to make this already amazing game even better. As Bowler myself, even though I’m okay at the game, it’s still a lot of fun to play. There are still a few flaws though, as the pins almost act like they’re bouncing on rubber and as if they are made of rubber themselves when flying or rolling across the pin deck. I would like to see carry down of the oil patterns to play a bigger part in the 1v1 games, like accelerate the oil movement or something similar. And expand Oil Pattern and Ball selection as it updates, I know you guys are currently trying to implement Roto Grip and other companies so that’s a great start. One last thing that could make this game a little better is that you guys could let players, Lvl 50 or higher, drill their own equipment that they’ve purchased throughout the game. You could also let them change the weight of earlier balls (Plastic, Polyester, and PloyUrethane) to they’re current strength. Other than those things, this game is still fun and has a very solid foundation that keeps growing upwards. Thank you for an amazing game and keep doing what you guys do.

Ответ разработчика ,

Happy you like it! Stay tuned for the upcoming updates :)

Brady .S ,

Good but latest update ruined it

I’ve been playing for 2 years now and I’m on lvl 247 and the latest update is terrible because in the skill shot tournament not even 10 minutes and you already see players with scores that advancers/beginners wouldn’t score please make a different format like a 2 game qualifier and the top 5 makes it the the stepladder for each division like the beginners have their own, and you should make us change the sensitivity of our swipe instead of it being really high because it will be a lot easier for the players and making their gaming experience a lot better, one more thing if you could add a league format, animal/kegal patterns (put these patterns on the practice mode so the players can understand their ball reaction instead of just going into a match and figuring out the pattern), new balls to pro shop, making the gold cards cost only gold coins, a double feature, a baker format, and other ball brands like roto grip or motiv. The developers if you are reading this then add these to the game the game will have a better experience take you time to add these to the game thanks.
Update: The reply for the opponents dosen't work please fix soon.

Ответ разработчика ,

Hi Brady! This is understood. However, we made the zones feature to add some fun to the game, and new tournaments are played 3 times more often than before. Zones make you use your balls in different ways, find new trajectories to hit the marks and teach about different setups. A bit more challenge to the old gameplay. We’ll take some time to see whether most of you like this feature or not and then decide how we proceed with it. It can be a separate mode in the future or a special event. At the same time we're working on a new weekly event and we'll be adding Element Series oil patterns and new balls soon too. There'll be more things in the future!


WannaPlay Studio Ltd
287.7 МБ

Требуется iOS 10.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



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