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Brawl Stats помогает выигрывать и получить удовольствие от Brawl Stars и предоставляет самую точную статистику об игре.

- Следите за вашей статистикой, включая трофеи, победы, поражения и т. д.
- Узнавайте о предстоящих событиях и картах

Данный контент не связан с компанией Supercell, не поддерживается, не спонсируется и не был утвержден ею, и компания Supercell не несет за него ответственность. Для получения большей информации смотрите Правила Supercell для фанатского контента. Смотрите нашу Политику конфиденциальности для получения дополнительной информации.

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Версия 2.14.4

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4.3 из 5
Оценок: 1.3 тыс.

Оценок: 1.3 тыс.

TheEman$$$ aka EmanLord:p ,

Before and after

Ok.. I’ve used stats royale and it was the best clash royale tool ever... and as for brawl stats.. I used it for the first time 3 days ago.. so I knew what to do, put my user tag in. It worked, and I liked how it showed future events and maps. So I kept it. Then the lunar update went went global so I had to update BRAWL STATS for it to work too.. but I didn’t... I tried to use it but nothing would load.. I tried using it numerous times... I tried logging out of my profile and back on but couldn’t until the of updating it came to my head. So I did and problem solved. But then I had another issue.. So since I logged out I had to log in so I put my user tag in but it keeps saying “something went wrong, try again later” and it has me soooo triggered!! Please help me or please fix it!! I really want to see the new features

hirshnoc ,

Out of date, some incorrect information

I like what KairosTime is trying to do with this; give players guidance on what’s coming in the map rotation, and what brawlers to use. However, there are some bugs and suggestions:

1. The most obvious one is that Rosa is not a recommended brawler on any map, so the recommendation choices have not been adjusted to reflect her addition to the game.

2. The ranking stats for each brawler is way off. I thought originally that this was based off of current trophy count, but it’s not, it’s just way behind. For instance my Rosa is 415 trophies, but showing rank 17. She’s at rank 19 and never dropped below 415.

3. The type of member you are in the clubs is wrong. If you’re a Senior, you’re listed as ‘Elder?’ I don’t get it. Also the club gives a random joining date. For me, it shows I joined 5 days ago. I have been in the same club since 2018.

4. Current/Upcoming Event timers do not dynamically refresh unless you keep refreshing. There is also no second hand counter.

5. Top players are not separated out by US/World so I have no idea what I am looking at.

6. The upcoming/current tabs should switch positions, with the ‘Current’ being the default tab. If I’m looking at this app, it’s probably because I want to get advice on the event that is CURRENTLY going. That is all.

Other than that, it’s very good. A good start. It needs to go out of its way to be more than minimalist to impress me, however.

JDthechamp15 ,

Brawl Stats is amazing! Just one thing though

This app is amazing. I was watching a video by kairos time and he talked about this app where they had the most up to date stats on which brawlers were the best in each mode. I’ve only been using if for an hour but I’m already amazed at how good this app is. Now I can push my bad brawlers like Piper and Rico because I know which mode to use them in. I already got Rico up 2 ranks! Thanks again kairos time and all the amazing gamers that put the time into making this app and I enjoy your content; keep up the good work. But I wanted to point out that in the events the upcoming are automatically shown instead of current. Is their some way you can fix that? Maybe make it a setting so that it automatically goes to current instead of upcoming


Overwolf Ltd
30.5 МБ

Требуется iOS 9.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


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