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Node-based compositing is the most powerful and flexible way to mix images. It used to require a powerful desktop computer, Bricolage puts it in the palm of your hand.

Bricolage is a powerful special-effects toolbox for tricking out your photos and movies like the Hollywood pros do. Pipe your video through a chain of basic effects, each processing the picture in a different way. With over 150 to choose from it is easy to create completely unique looks and effects.

Mix multiple images and animate special effects to give your videos the finishing touches they need, from subtle regional color correction or exposure adjustment, to wild cartoon colors or funhouse-mirror distortions.
Just bring in a video (or photo!) and drop effects between the input and the output. Bricolage takes advantage of the powerful graphics hardware in your iPad or iPhone to deliver smooth playback and responsive controls. You can even zoom into your video while it's playing.
And when you've built a great effect, you can save it for reuse with other projects.

Bricolage uses the industry-standard technique known as 'node-based compositing' to build complex effects from a chain of simple building blocks. You'll combine different layers using photoshop-style blending modes or black & white masks. Make different versions of an image and combine them back together to blur or darken the edges of an image, or selectively recolor the sky or ground. Use animated transitions to switch video streams or overlay text and graphics. Cut out shapes from pictures using Bezier curves. Apply image distortions and move them around the video, or use Apple's Face Recognition technology to mark or cover faces detected in your video. Place, scale and animate video overlays or shapes and gradients. Process your shots to look like a desert, or add film grain and a vintage photo process. You can even add titles or overlay time code on your movies.

Bricolage uses custom Metal programs to process HD video in real time directly on the graphics processor. Node-based compositing used to require a powerful desktop computer, now Bricolage puts it in the palm of your hand. If you have an older device, don't worry, Bricolage offers half- and quarter-resolution 'proxy' modes, so you can get a preview of most effects with responsive controls even at HD, while still producing a full-resolution movie.

Despite its great power, Bricolage is quite simple to use. Just build a chain of effects for your images to flow through from the inputs to the output. Drag effect nodes to 'kiss' the output of one to the input of another to form a connection. Or press and hold a link to insert a new node in the middle. With a zooming, scrolling canvas, you can organize your flows the way you like. Immediate feedback in the nodes makes it easy to experiment, while the full-screen node editor lets you perfect a single effect with enhanced tools.

Process still images or videos
Combined preview and node editing lets you create with live feedback
Pre-built templates to make advanced effects easy to give you a head start on your own awesome creations.
Save your node flows as templates and import them into other projects
Built-in help with inline descriptions of nodes and their parameters
Infinite undos, and for the indecisive, re-dos.
Playback proxies at reduced resolution for more responsive editing on older devices
Zoom and pan photos and videos, even while playing
Multiple output resolutions
Over 127 standard Core Image Effects
Many more custom effects including:
Map Generator
Path Move
Tilt Shift
Edge Outlines
Lens Distortion
360° Spherical VR Unwrap
Semantic Segmentation Node
Saliency Detector
Bricks pattern
Map Generator Node
Four-Up node
Green Screen Remover*
Fractal Noise*
Film Grain*
Face Mask
Relative Crop
Fade Over
Color Bands
Depth Key, Fog, Mix, Blur
Time Code Overlay
Red-Blue and Split-Screen Stereoscopic composite
Primary, Secondary, 3D LUT Color Correction
Flipbook/Sprite Atlas player

*Fully functional effect, in-app purchase removes watermark

What’s New

Version 4.5

V 4.5
Fixed Path Move with small images and added scale
Added Quality setting to H264 render
Added HDR and ProRes export
Fixed GIF rendering
Added optional background image to Geometric Transforms and Move Rotate Scale
Fixed paused player jumping frame issue while parameter editing
Fixed dedicated editor for PerspectiveCorrection
Float parameter controls have 4 decimal precision
Bug fixes and stability improvements
V 4.3
3D Shading node
Date Overlay node
Drag and drop nodes into flowgraph
Bug fixes and stability improvements
V 4.2
New shapes, stretch shape, updated editor
Reworked Text editor. Added editable font size
Hue/Chroma/Luma and Lab color space conversion added
Note nodes to annotate your projects
EditManager table for undo/redo
Lots of new preset flows
Tips and Tricks help document
Added jump to time feature
Project import/export
New Nodes:
Contour detect vision (uses machine learning vision framework)
Optical Flow vision filter (uses machine learning vision framework)
Sphere Wipe -360 Video transition
Multigradient Node
Stipple Screen
Polka Dots
Fixed possible upside-down video import
Bug fixes and stability improvements
V 4.1
Fixed issues in sketch and stipple nodes
Fixed still image dedicated editor position sizing.
Fixed an issue with numeric entry pad with transform parameters
Fixed node search for iPhones. The search bar is always visible now on both iPad and iPhone.
Fixed an issue in Dedicated editors which resulted in badly offset images
Fixed some stamp creation issues
Fixed an issue with relative crop parameter defaults.
V 4.0
Features and fixes
Node List Search/Filter
Improved image/video loading over network
New Colored Frame / Gradient frame project type. Res and length can be defined.
Still image project handling has been improved. The resolution now reflects input image size
Dedicated Filter editor. Edit parameters for nodes with wrench icon using an editor which displays the node's output and often has a special editing UI
Special editors for Primary Color, Secondary Color, Perspective Transform, Crop, Tone Curve, Move Rotate Scale, LUT, Gradients and Map.
Container node to encapsulate inputs which have multiple images such as Depth and Semantic Segmentation
Info popover which details a node's function and describes each parameter in the node
Added Garbage Masking into the ColorKeyStill node
Fixed end behavior of clips that are shorter than project length so they hold on the last frame
Replace node feature
Timebar long press KeyframeTable
YouTube export had to be removed from the App.
New Nodes
Depth Node
Semantic Segmentation Node
Saliency Detector
Bricks pattern
Map Generator
Four-Up node
MatchSize node
Sphere wrap improvements
XRay node
Blend with Blue Mask
Blend with Red Mask
V 3.0
Metal! Bricolage now takes advantage of Apple's Metal APIs for faster GPU-powered image processing and display.
Full 4K HD Output
Support for photos with depth/disparity data - a depth image node automatically appears when you import the appropriate image!
New depth-image specific filters: Depth Key, Depth Fog, Depth Mix, Disparity Anaglyph, Depth Noise*, Depth Normalize
Bezier-path animation - Draw a path for any node with position parameters to follow, or move anything with the Path Move node
External Monitor node - Output the incoming image to an external display, put it anywhere in your flow!
Histogram and and channel view nodes
Improved greenscreen remover: with alpha threshold and brightness controls
Transfer Modes node - Compilation of all blend modes
Trails - Mix previous video frames into the current frame
Perspective Composite - 2.5D composite
V 2.0
Shape, Text and Cutout on iPhone
Keyframe editor
Improved render workflow
Color Curves
Primary Color
Secondary Color
Bilateral Filter

Ratings and Reviews

3.3 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Fast shooting ,

It has professional editing, but does not work like a professional app

This app has many great tools for editing. However, it is loaded with bugs. Sometimes, when I create a new project, the video doesn’t even show, only a black screen. Sometimes the effects don’t even work and it crashes. The app is good when it works, but the constant bugs have to be stopped.

Edit: The new update is good but source over using greenscreen remove and move rotate scale is messed up. When you try to scale a greenscreen video using source over, the area that is not part of the greenscreen video turns black and covers the background video. I have used this before without any problems, but it is giving me problems now. Please fix this.

Developer Response ,

Please let us know how v2.0 is working out for you. If you still have an issue, please use the 'Contact Us' button to describe the problem.

parables_bk ,

hidden gem

it’s 2019 and I only just found Bricolage and its add-ons. where have you been all my iPad life?!

this app is unique in that you can infinitely (presumably) chain and rearrange video effects seamlessly instead of having to render and save a video for one effect just to use it in the next. and the rearrangement of effects is done by dragging and connecting/reconnecting node inputs and outputs to each other — by way of what I’d have called a GUI in 2002, though the term seems too clunky for this.

it feels like I’ve been waiting for this app since 2002, back when I was using Max/MSP/Jitter on my MacBook. this reminds me of that in that it’s refreshing to use for its simplicity once you understand what’s happening. thank you for putting this out there. more people should find it and use it.

my only suggestions so far are that I’d like to be able to see an effect’s description and number of inputs without first having to activate it on the “stage,” and also that it would be wonderful to be able to quickly swap out or cycle through each somehow by way of the secondary long-press gesture (the one that brings up the option to delete the node) instead of having to back to the long menu docked on the left — necessitating some sort of elegant inline solution I guess? I’m sure you’ll know it when you see it.

Clombings ,

Both apps very buggy and missing critical features but are also surprisingly robust.

In the motion graphix app there is no apparent way to have a video layer as a moving object. This missing feature destroys my workflow.

The bricollage app often loads videos upside down? No obvious node available to correct that issue, or to scale and reposition video layers.

Overall I can make some fun but very glitchy animations.. thank you for you efforts.. I wish it was a more popular app so it would have more drive to get fixed.

Developer Response ,

We've just released new versions with a ton of stability and performance improvements and a fix for videos coming in upside down sometimes, as well as some great new features. We hope this will improve your experience. To move a video, try the Move, Rotate, Scale node under Transforms.

In-App Purchases

Greenscreen Remover
Make any solid colored background invisible.
Draw a curve to cut out part of a picture!
Noise Pack
From Film Grain to Fire, Noise is your Friend
Create colorful shapes and bezier curves
Title Pack
Create text elements with outline, fill color

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