BrowserQuest er et lille multiplayer spil, som lader dig udforske en verden af eventyr fra din iPhone eller iPad.

Du spiller en ung kriger som er drevet af spændingen ved eventyr. Ingen prinsesse kan redes her, bare en farlig verden fyldt med skatte. I takt med at du opdager mere af verden, kan du forsøge at gennemføre de indbyggede udfordringer eller kæmpe mod andre spillere.

Så hvad venter du på? Download spillet nu og begynd din rejse ind i denne ukendte og mystiske verden.

Bemærk: Denne version af BrowserQuest er en udvidet version af det originale spil. Det er blevet udvidet med et spiller-niveau system, samt PvP kampe, hvor du kæmpe mod andre spillere, således at spillet føles lidt længere.

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Version 2.6.0

* Ny delfunktionalitet.
* Mindre forbedringer.

Vurderinger og anmeldelser

4.6 ud af 5
458 vurderinger

458 vurderinger

Shepic01 ,

Absolutely great.

I can tell that this game was built with love, not money in mind. And that is rare and invaluable. Yes, it is short. Yes, it has its problems. But this game has a wonderful charm I don’t find with many. The only thing I could really think of adding within reasonability is a friend request system. That way you can find your friends that you recommend the game to. Which I have done. Also, here is a small tip about PVP. Its not super clear on it, but you can only do PVP in a certain house in the town of beginning. Also Dev, don’t take critics to heart. People are just people sometimes. And I loved the nods you did to games. Just an extra layer you didn’t have to attribute. But if you really want to add more to the game, I suggest making it to where you can go left and right of the first town as well as up and down. It will add a better feeling of exploration, and making these areas have more enemies and possibly two bosses, one to the right and another to the left at the ends of the paths, as you did with the north. Hopefully you understand how wonderful this game really is. And I thank you for not being pushy with the ads in your face from time to time, instead putting small ones in the hud.

Also, Peter Brun? I’m a fan. Keep up the good work.

Chase3457 ,

BrowserQuest 👌

Notice: This is an in depth review and will briefly cover what BrowserQuest has to offer in store for you in terms of features.

This is an extended version of BrowserQuest, and like the description of the game says, it might feel longer. It’s a simple, short, yet addictive classic pixel styled rpg, with online multiplayer.
The game features a level system where you can gain experience to get certain items and armor, Online multiplayer, a chat system, PVP, and GameCenter achievements. I’m rating five stars, because it was exactly what I was looking for, a good rpg to play.

JohnSmith1234567890 ,

It's freakin awesome but......

It needs to be a bigger games played this game for hours and enjoyed it you just can beat it so easily the best armor is WAY to easy to get you only need to win 2 PVP matches for it and plus the boss is WAY to easy I beat him at level 10 because of the fox potions take those off and make him attack faster also add unlimited levels like Diablo 3s paragon points and also make it where you can up the difficulty of the game and then join a server by the difficulty like have a medium easy and hard server you also need to make more armor and weapons more enemies tougher enemies too make the map WAYYYYYY bigger,more PVP maps and put every one on one server only like 30 people play at a time add a group concept and a friend concept make voice and this game could be AWESOME!!!!!!!


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Peter Brun
28.7 MB

Kræver iOS 10.0 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.



Sporadisk/mild vold i tegneserier eller fantasy
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