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Working on fractions? Try a factoring game.
This deceptively simple arcade-style game features hand-drawn animated characters, classical music, a hypnotically soothing underwater world, and a critically important educational mission. It’s a real game, not a thinly disguised quiz or flash cards. It creates a powerful metaphor between how the bubbles behave, and how numbers work.

Originally intended as a simple, healthy, math game for kids, clever Bubbly Primes players have repurposed it as:
- A classroom activity.
- A family quality-time game.
- A brain training exercise for adults.

Bubbly Primes is a non-violent game, with no ads, and no in-app purchases.
Once installed, it also doesn’t require internet access — it’s an offline game.

- “A really fun game that teaches kids about prime numbers and factoring,” - The Parenting Beyond Discipline podcast.

How To Play

For a video, search for “How To Play Bubbly Primes”. It really only takes a few seconds to figure out the basic game.

- Tap “Start” to begin.
- Tap bubbles that contain composite numbers (numbers you can factor).
- As bubbles pop apart your score goes up.
- Keep popping them until they’re broken down to prime numbers.
- As prime numbers get to the top, they raise your score.
- Avoid tapping prime number bubbles. If you do, they’ll darken and fall to the bottom, lowering your score.
- As your score rises, playful critters appear.
- You can tap critters to change what they do.
- You can tap the water to make waves that move bubbles or critters.
- When a non-prime “composite” number gets to the top, it turns reddish and it’s too late to factor it.
- You can get rid of escaped bubbles by successfully factoring a rising bubble with the same number.
- Each time you achieve a new level, all escaped bubbles will go away, and you will get points for bubbles in the water.
- When five composites escape to the top, the round ends.
- If your score is one of the five highest, you can enter your name, and choose a critter for its symbol.


Do you know the factors of 117 yet? The more you play, the more amazing your number skills will become.

Nuhubit is a trademark of Nuhubit Software Studios LLC

Co nowego

Wersja 2.0.0

- Levels. Feel a sense of achievement as your math abilities grow, and you reach higher and higher levels. We worked hard on balancing the levels, making them interesting, and using increasingly deep & beautiful colors as the levels advance.

- Artwork. Beautiful hand-drawn bubbles, filled with hand-painted watercolors now complement the other hand-drawn artwork. There are other artwork changes, but the most dramatic is the new bubbles.

- High Score Info. In addition to marking your high score with your favorite critter, you may now enter your name. Also, the High Score display now shows the highest prime number and composite number you got right in each winning game.

- Advanced players. The game now does a better job of detecting advanced players, and getting you more quickly through the first few “warm-up” levels, but does so without making it too hard for beginners. Also, a new slider was added to the “Settings” so you can start the game with numbers at your level right from the start. (That can certainly get you through the first levels quickly, because big numbers are worth lots of points).

- Number Readability. We have increased the size and clarity of the numbers on all but the very smallest screens.

- Pause button. Because strategic use of the pause button is important for advanced players, as well as people with math anxiety, we made sure it is easier to hit quickly when necessary.

- There are dozens of minor improvements and fixes.

Oceny i recenzje

5.0 z 5
Ocen: 26

Ocen: 26

Jgold0016 ,

Fun! Addictive!

I bought two copies of this game. One for myself, and one for my daughter. My daughter “HATES” math. That’s a quote. The game is fun. It has cool characters and great sound-effects (sort of like the satisfying sound of popping the bubbles in bubble-wrap). My daughter and her two friends play the game now a lot. Really a lot. My daughter is now getting scores that are way higher than my scores. I’m sure I could do better if I practiced more. On the other hand, she is not really practicing. She would never practice. She is playing. I guess that’s the whole idea. We need more games like this!

JazzieSami ,

So Fun and Educational!

I get mesmerized when I play this game. It's amazing how quickly one can start learning which numbers are primes. It's also relaxing to play because it's very dance like and I just keep wanting to play more and more!

This is such a good way for children and adults to learn their prime numbers. I highly recommend purchasing this and having it on your phone or iPad.

Charles Fugue ,

Bubbly Primes makes me smile!

When I see the kids playing Bubbly Prime, I smile, because I know how much it helps their math. I enjoy playing it too. It's convenient to play on the phone whenever there's a few minutes here or there, but it's even better on the iPad. I really like the little characters in the game. And, did you know 87 is 29 x 3? I certainly didn't before, but now I do.


Nuhubit Software Studios LLC
33.9 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 8.1 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.



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