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Bundle is the most comprehensive and top-rated free news aggregator that brings together all the latest news you need to know throughout the day. With Bundle, you have everything you shouldn't miss at your fingertips, featuring top headlines, breaking news, and a multitude of sources across different interest areas such as the stock market, science and technology, finance, sports, and politics.

• My Bundle - Ready to be added to your personal collection for free from over 10,000 news sources, online publishers, magazines, newspapers, opinion pieces, and blogs from 18 different countries. Stay informed and inspired by leading publications such as The Guardian, TIME, The New York Times, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Mashable, and more!

• Breaking news – With Bundle, you receive instant notifications for the day's most important developments and standout headlines, ensuring you stay informed before anyone else in a refined, accurate, and unbiased manner.

• Save time by summarizing news – Utilize Bundle AI, the productive artificial intelligence developed by Bundle, to summarize news content with just one touch. Instead of reading the entire news, you can quickly get to the most important points.

• Escape clickbait headlines – Bundle AI organizes deceptive and non-informative news headlines used by some outlets to gain more clicks, making the headlines more understandable for users.

• Unique search feature – Bundle provides instant results based on the keywords you search for. Easily search through all news, headlines, authors, and more.

• Reader Mode – If ads on the page of the media outlet you follow distract you, you can focus solely on content by switching to Reader Mode.

• Offline Mode – Whether you're on the subway or in a dead zone, you can continue reading all the content loaded into your news feed even if your connection is lost.

• Latest news – Bundle delivers the latest news to users instantly. With Bundle, you'll be the first to know the most popular and important news from various categories such as technology, sports, politics, economy, and science, tailored to your interests.

• The world at your fingertips – Read news and content from 18 different countries, including the UK, France, Germany, and worldwide, to stay informed about local agendas.

• Go beyond the agenda – With Hot Bundle, featuring the daily selections of Bundle editors, you access the most engaging, inspiring, and mind-opening content.

• Don't lose, save it – If you can't find time to read a piece of news immediately, save it and read it at your convenience.

• Easy to use, hard to let go – With Bundle's award-winning design and user-friendly interface, you can easily access the news you want and glance through all of it at once. If your internet quota is limited, you can turn off news images or use the dark theme option if white light strains your eyes. Log in with your social media account to synchronize your saved news and followed sources across all your devices.

Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement: https://www.bundletheworld.com/mobileapp/termsofuse/en

In addition to all of this, you can follow all developments related to both current events and Bundle on our Facebook, Instagram, and X accounts! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bundlenews/ X: https://twitter.com/bundleapp/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bundlehaber/

We would be delighted to hear any suggestions, comments, and questions you may have about Bundle: You can always reach us through the "Settings>Send Feedback" section in the app and at support@bundlenews.co. For more information, you can visit our website: www.bundle.app/en


Sürüm 5.1.43

The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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265 Oy

265 Oy

TxMacUser ,


Wonderful app to stay in touch with news headlines. Especially great that you can select the news sources. AND the watch app is great! Love having quick and easy access to news headlines at any time. Def worth checking out!

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Hi! Thanks for this beautiful feedback :) Have a nice day !

resident151 ,

Excellent app, terrible privacy

Account creation appears to require that you have an account with Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Were it not for this complete disregard for user privacy, I would recommend this app. I wpuld give five stars because they are close to providing a service that I would pay for, but they get two stars because forcing users to share their activity with one of three of the most aggregious abusers of user data is absurd.

eastcoastdanny ,

Stops receiving feeds for days

When it worked it was decent. It often stops receiving feeds for up to 4 days for no apparent reason. unless you use custom feeds you cannot select or deny specific sources. I mention that because a lot of the source feeds under “news” are repetitive and sometimes require login. I tried to report a quality issue but some didn’t allow it without a purchase, or something like that.

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