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BusinessReport Mobile CRM (BRMobile) is an off-line mobile client for the main BusinessReport CRM software. The app is suitable especially for users, who prefer on-premise CRM solution (i.e. database runs and data are stored on your server) with strong functionality and integration on your ERP systems - of course with connectivity on mobile devices.

BRMobile features:
• Contact management – track basic information about your customers, suppliers or other companies and their contacts. See all related information in one view. If the BusinessReport database is integrated with your ERP system, you can see useful financial information about your customers (turnovers, debts, ratings etc.) on your mobile device.
• Activities – manage your meetings, e-mails, calls, tasks or other activities. Assign tasks to other user, use GPS tracking for meetings, import calls or SMS etc.
• Business cases – track all your opportunities, offers or contracts related to your customers, contacts, product groups etc.
• Devices – information about all devices or machines you delivered to your customers. Very important feature for tech companies and suppliers.
• Service requests – all customer problems in one place. Failures, maintenances, installations or other type of requests. You can close requests with the customer's signature, then create and send PDF work report.
• Documents – you can attach photos, documents or other files to your companies, contacts, business cases, devices or service requests.

Download and try BusinessReport CRM as a free DEMO! Visit our website for more information!

• Some functions (settings, synchronization with server, PDF work reports, invoices import from ERP, financial reports ...) are not included in the demo version, because they require connection to services of the main app.
• Available languages: English, Slovak and Czech. Other language versions may be added directly by user in the main app.
• Mobile app is free, but requires existing user access account in main BusinessReport + BRMobileSync web service for connection and sync with main database.


Verzia 3.14

- on-line access to documents
- small improvements and bug fixes

Important: If you have installed previous versions like DEMO, delete old application before installing this latest version and create the demo database with new structure again.

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