Probably the nerdiest camera app ever made, ca-mera uses a cellular automaton to interpret the brightness values of your camera stream. The resulting images are black/white and pixelated, and contain unique patterns created by the cellular automaton (Wolfram rule 126).

This app provides a "selfie" mode, and lets you change the appearance of the pictures by controlling the automaton application direction, the resolution, the input brightness, and the input fidelity (i.e. to which extent the cellular automaton is allowed to run freely).

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24 Bewertungen

Selectedacre ,

Clever and Unique - Cellular Automata Aesthetics !

I really love the concept - the aesthetics of Wolfram's cellular automata research/algorithms have been a huge fascination since I picked up 'A New Kind of Science' some 20 years ago. Needless to say, having such functionality on my iPad is a dream come true!

As others have commented - the ability to import/process images and video from the camera roll would really put this app on another level. I can't even begin to describe the joy I would experience, if this functionality was added. Pretty please? ...

My current workaround/process (capturing hundreds of individual images and stitching them together to generate animations) is cumbersome, tedious, and prone to inconsistencies/errors. However, in the absence of your programming these features, I'll continue to do this because the aesthetics of this app are THAT SWEET.
Still... having such functionality within the app seems almost necessary, right?
Pretty please with ice cream and cherries and syrup on top? ...

MacAddict81 ,

Reminds me of graphics on my old Mac SE/30

If you want that dithered look like graphics on older black and white computer displays, look no further than this app.

FroadnRoller ,


Hands on the coolest most far out left field genius this planet needs. Totally awesome.

I would love to utilize, under proper authority of course, the api for a personal project... either way next level 👍👍


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