Just like your iPhone has multiple apps, CALC 1 has multiple calculators.

Over 75 calculators, each focused on an area so they have a lot more functionality and are easier to use.

The CALC 1 Function Calculators provide a consistent and efficient solution to a wide range of financial, business, probability and statistical problems.

They use “store or compute” keys for the parameters with “key previews” so you see the value as part of the key label. Just change the parameter values you need to calculate the function.

Press and hold any key for a description of the parameter in case you are not sure from the short key label.

You can also create a plot as a function of any parameter or solve for parameters!

The CALC 1 History Details provide a record of all of the parameters and results that can be shared to Notes, Mail, Messages and more.

The calculators share data so you can switch between them for long calculations involving multiple steps.

They all have powerful expression evaluators in chain, algebraic expressions or RPN calculation methods.

CALC 1 has many modern features not typically found on hardware calculators: undo, key hints and key previews of values.

Gestures to save time: pinch to change the number of decimal places, swiped to switch between calculators, swipe to change the number of rows of the stack to display.

History of results so you can easily recall past results to use in another calculations.

History details of calculations that involve multiple inputs or results. These details can be
“shared” using standard iOS sharing to Notes, Mail and more.
You can restore calculation inputs, including statistical lists.

A List Manager to view and edit lists of data used for statistics or cash flows. You can import data by pasting and export data using iOS sharing.

Unit of measure and currency conversion calculators. These will also create custom keys for a custom calculator for “1-tap” conversions that you use frequently.

With CALC 1’s extensive customization you can create custom calculators to save time and reduce errors.

Download just the calculators you need and put them in the order you want.

Create custom calculators by copying and pasting keys from other calculators.

CALC 1 can create custom keys automatically from the conversion calculators or from an algebraic expression.

You can use JavaScript to create custom keys. CALC 1 keys execute JavaScript using the values you enter.

You can also create a CALC 1 Function Calculator automatically from a JavaScript function by just copy and paste. Many of the CALC 1 Function Calculators are just a few lines of JavaScript expressions.

Every calculator and utility has a “?” button for documentation and examples for that calculator.

- 27 Financial and Business Calculators
- 25 Statistical Distribution Calculators for 14 statistical distributions (PMF, PDF, CDF)
- Separate 1 and 2 lists statistics calculators with many more function beyond mean and standard deviation.
- Probability Calculator with keys for normal , t and chi squared distributions and inverses.
- 6 curve fitting calculators.
- General math calculators for basic slide rule functions, ratios, percentages, triangle solutions and common functions (LIN, Ln, EXP, PWR, Expnt, Inv, polynomials)

See full list of calculators, utilities and customization support documentation on the Support URL link.

What’s New

Version 4.16

For version 4.16: New functions to support the new Probabilities and Sports Odds Focused Calculators. 

13 new probability Function Calculators for a total of 25!
Discrete distributions: Binomial, Geometric, Negative Binomial, Hypergeometric, Poisson.
Continuous distributions: Normal, Exponential, Gamma, Weibull, Log Normal, Beta, Chi-Squared, T-Distribution, F-Distribution.
Many of the CDF calculators will also calculate the inverse with solving.
A new Triangles Focused Calculator to calculate the solution of plane triangles. Enter 3 of the 6 main characteristics and this calculator will calculate the remaining characteristics.
We updated the CALC 1 TVM Focused Calculators with STO/RCL of all of the TVM values (N, I/YR, PV, PMT, FV, P/YR, C/YR, PER1, PER2 BEG/END) at once! Now you can STO different initial values or quickly switch between different scenarios.
This STO/RCL “object” feature has also been added to the Ratios and Triangles Focused Calculators.

We enhanced the status annunciators to display all the values not shown on the key previews. So instead of just BEG mode the P/YR, PER1 PER2 are displayed.
Each status annunciator is specific to the Focused Calculator so, for example, BEG, P/YR are only shown on the financial calculators that use them and DEG is only shown on calculators with trigonometry functions.

A Function Calculator “Duplicate” command has been added to allow existing calculators to be duplicated in order to customize them.

For version 4.15: The results of the History Item when solving for a Function Calculator parameter has been changed to the value of the parameter.

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